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How to repair a dirty air conditioner

2018-01-14 17:36:00

Air conditioning is an essential artifact for us to spend the summer, cool ourselves when using it, while enjoying it, we should also pay attention to understand some of the maintenance knowledge of air conditioning at ordinary times, because it is too dirty and the air conditioning is blocked at this time how should we do?


First of all, it is necessary to clean up whether the air conditioner is dirty or blocked locally, turn off all the relevant power supply in beforehand, and then open the system circuit, and then use high-pressure gas to blow repeatedly, and clean the visible dust first


If the air conditioning system is blocked, most of them are electronic expansion valves, capillae or throttle valves and other parts, which are equipped with dryer filters if it is confirmed that such a problem needs to be dealt with


After determining yes, it is necessary to open the system path. It should be noted that the throttling part and the horn connection part that may have problems should be opened at the same time


After opening, clean the dust on the inside of the air conditioner with high pressure gas, and then replace the capillary and dryer filter after completion


In addition, when the air conditioner is dirty and blocked, the refrigerant oil may deteriorate. Some of the refrigerant oil will be lost during the refrigerant discharge process. Therefore, add an appropriate amount of refrigerant oil to the air conditioner system after blowing and cleaning the air conditioner


And if you still do not know how to clean up, can ask a professional air conditioning repairman to clean up

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