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How to set exclusive price for promotion

2018-02-21 01:36:00

Want to grab more free traffic on the Web? Want to get search weighting to make it easier for buyers to find your treasure? Want to increase purchase conversion, increase shop traffic? 2014 the most important 1 official marketing tool new exclusive price, will soon be open to some sellers!! 1, What is the exclusive price Exclusive price is a special promotional tool for the end order, which can achieve different promotional price discounts on the computer. At present, it can be superimposed with all third-party promotional tools such as 1212 promotion, Juhuaxuan (only C product), daily special price, limited time discount, Special price treasure (B product), and support folding and folding, and can do not show the transaction record, only show the computer side discount price or one price; Exclusive price can also specify the enjoyment of preferential groups, currently support the whole network users exclusive, micro Tao fans exclusive 2 categories. Next, the exclusive price will be preferentially opened to some sellers: 2, the exclusive price, a search weighted folding marketing product: Will have the independent screening conditions will get the end of the search weighted, the baby is preferred to be displayed exclusive "" label, more traffic, higher purchase conversion transaction records are not affected, only show the computer side discount price or a price 3, the seller how to set 1, applicable object: the whole network seller users; Seller users who wish to conduct specific operations on the wireless side; Seller users who wish to conduct specific operations for Micro Tao fans; 2, C seller operation path: I am the seller -> Marketing -> Marketing area; (effective on January 8) B Seller's operation path: Merchants -> Marketing -> Marketing -> Special price treasure; (Effective after January 15) C Seller: B Seller: 3, how to set up exclusive price activities: the first step: Create an activity fill in the activity name, the activity name here is set by the seller in the background to identify the activity, not displayed at the front desk of the buyer; The setting is for users, for the whole network or only for micro Tao users (setting "Micro Tao user" can effectively maintain relationships and operate privileges for micro Tao fans); Step 2: Set the baby to choose all or part of the baby to participate; If you set "some babies" to participate, you can search and select specific babies through the baby category, baby name, and merchant code; Select the baby products in the list below to view the current price and stock; Confirm the selected baby and complete the selection. Step 3: Set the exclusive price You can set the exclusive price of the baby in batches, or set different exclusive discounts for different babies; Step 4: During the setting process, please note: 1) the discount here is folded, that is, if the seller has set a discount for the baby in other marketing Settings (such as the official limited time discount, Juhuasuan, etc., or the software of the three parties such as Meizong, happy shopping, etc.), in the exclusive price, the discount set will be superimposed with the previous discount set. If the price of a baby is 100 yuan, the current time has set a limited time discount of 20%, and the exclusive discount of 20% is set here, the price is displayed as 100x0.8x0.8=64 yuan when the buyer places an order on the client; 2) If the discount of the exclusive price is stacked lower than the discount setting of the seller's discount main switch (path: Seller > Marketing > Promotion > Popular Tools > Shop Minimum discount setting), the exclusive discount will not take effect, and an error message will be displayed when setting. As the example in 1) above, if the minimum discount of the seller shop is 70% by default, the discount setting of 6.4 discount is unsuccessful and does not take effect. 3) After setting, you can see the list of all the activities you have set on the home page of the exclusive price. You can edit the activities before and during the activity, and view or delete the activities after the activity is over. 4) When setting up baby: A maximum of 150 goods can be set up for a special price, and a baby can only participate in one special price activity in a period of time (can be carried out at the same time with the limited time discount on the computer terminal); Limited purchase Settings, buyers can choose the number of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10; 5) When setting the activity price: the current discount price displayed in the baby list refers to the lowest price set by the official tool or the third party marketing tool, whether the discount or the discount price can not be higher than the lowest price set before - that is, the exclusive price is the lowest guaranteed channel (if the price of a single product is met, it must be lower than the price of the Juhuasuan); sku level Settings are not currently supported, only baby dimension offers are currently supported; 6) When modifying the activity information: the activity time can not be shortened, and once the activity starts, the activity cannot be deleted or stopped; 7) When buyers participate in activities: the same group of people (such as micro Tao fans) can only participate in one activity in the same period of time; 8) Explanation of price superposition: The discount of exclusive price is a dynamic discount, which is based on the preferential price of the product during the activity and is discounted dynamically according to the characteristics of the channel. Current and Juhuashan, daily special price, limited time discount and various third-party tools can be superimposed. The transaction price seen by the buyer is the final transaction price of a single product after folding and calculation; 9) How to display the transaction price: The historical transaction price displayed in the details page of the baby on the computer side is the transaction price on the computer side rather than the exclusive price; 10) Categories that cannot use marketing tools (such as virtual categories) also cannot use exclusive prices;