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How to shave the lightest head

2018-03-19 03:12:20

In the face of a variety of more and more cool hairstyles, there are also people who have a special preference for bald hair, and they just like the kind of special light bald head, exposing some hair roots above can not achieve the effect they are satisfied with, then how to shave the lightest bald head, see the barber to give you tips.


Scissors, hand or electric faders, shaving blades, or getting a haircut


Shave the lightest bald head, ask to expose the scalp, and do not have the first stubble, look particularly bright from the outside, can shine in the sun, if you are worried about shaving, you can go to the barber shave, as long as the barber master requirements, he will help you shave a satisfied bald head.


Of course, if you do not want to spend money, you can shave your own head, or ask someone to help, shave your head under your guidance, before shaving your head, if the hair is long, can not use the faders, first cut the hair with scissors, as short as possible.


Cut short hair looks messy, don't worry, as long as the electric fader push once on it, the electric fader must be cleaned up before use, otherwise it will clip the hair, when pushing, always keep the fader and scalp in a flat shape, be careful not to stab the scalp during the operation, the hand fader is the same requirements.


After the hair on the surface of the head is pushed out with a fader, begin to wash your hair, shampoo your hair first, wash and rinse your hair after washing, apply a layer of soap on the scalp, massage the scalp, soften the hair roots, and prepare for the next step.


The next is to shave the scalp, when shaving from the top of the head, slowly shave down, when shaving pay attention to the feeling of the scalp, all the stubble on the scalp can be shaved, and then use a comprehensive cleaning after shaving.


When shaving the scalp, if there is no one around, you can try to shave yourself, when shaving, look in the mirror, first shave the area that can be seen, and then under the guidance of a hand, shave the rest of the feeling.