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How to shop on Hai360 Overseas Shopping?

2018-01-04 11:12:00

Hai360 Overseas Shopping is a cross-border e-commerce platform for overseas Taobao consumers to buy goods from global overseas online shopping websites. This experience is mainly for those who want to buy overseas goods, but have not bought before, and describes how to buy overseas goods in detail.





Identification card

First, how to register?

Open the website of Hai360 overseas purchase, there is a registration button in the top center, click to start registration.


Registration method You can choose email registration or registration, fill in the email or received verification code, you can complete the registration. END

Then how to complete the data verification in the delivery address?

Since overseas shopping requires customs clearance and customs inspection, the information submitted for verification needs to be true and valid. END

Then how to calculate the shipping cost of the item?

The current calculation method is like this: the first weight of 500g items cost 40 yuan, less than 500g according to 500g calculation, continued weight is 8 pieces of 100g. END

How do I collect duty on items?

Goods with a total price of less than 2000 shall be subject to Hai360's tariff subsidy. END

How can I be sure that the goods I buy are original and genuine?

This should be the most important concern of most friends. When receiving the goods, pay attention to check the documents in the box, which includes the original shipping documents of the merchant. END

Finally, how to query the status?

In the top right corner of the page there is My order button, click to view all orders and status. END

Matters needing attention

Personal information, delivery address and other information used for registration should be filled in accurately.