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How to sing "Like a Dream" song

2018-01-09 06:24:00

The song "Like a dream" comes from Li Qingzhao, and the songs are also different. However, it can sing the dreamlike artistic conception more perfectly, expressing the poet's love for nature, and the kind of feelings that have been intoxicated by the drunken and beautiful artistic conception of flowers. Learn to hum this song like a dream, you can improve your musical sense. Below and Xiaobian to learn.


How to sing a dream song


Common sense of life


First of all, we need to listen to the singer's singing, and grasp the degree of intonation. The singer sings a slow rhyme, you have to slowly hum to learn.


When listening to sing this song, open the Internet music, sing with artistic conception. Competing to cross, competing to cross, startled a beach of gull herons, indicating that the poet was already very happy, play to the realm of oblivion, attracted a lot of gull herons, so to sing the cheerful slow rhyme.


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When singing the climax of the song, you should learn to breathe. The first sentence startled a beach of gullherons, the surprise word and the second sentence startled a beach Gullheron rhyme is obviously not necessarily, for can not grasp to imitate more listen to this sentence, rather than continue to sing.


Singing as a hobby of each friend, can exercise their own breath. The first surprise word rhyme is not high, startled, a beach, gull heron these two words are separate, Gull word needs a very long rhyme, so practice to master more.


Only by listening and singing. In the first four words of the song, these lyrics are still very good, but in the climax and the end of the part need more practice. This song could be sung even more perfect.

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