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How to train 13 ~ 36 months BB

2018-03-13 06:24:57

Parents training of children is very important, parents must train children at the right time, do not ignore the training of children, so that the development of children is of great help, below we will take a look at 13 ~ 36 months BB sense training and key points.


13-15 months proprioceptive and vestibular balance training: ① can train to walk independently and pull toys. Encourage your child to take a few steps sideways and backward. ③ You can pull the child's hand stairs, although the child can not grasp the balance of the body, but you can perceive the concept of high and low. ④ After training, you can build 3 to 4 blocks, you can play jack toys, pen pen holder, Mosaic pictures, beads, fishing toys, and you can hold pen graffiti. Learn to use a spoon to put food into your mouth and drink from a cup. Tactile training: playing with water, soil, sand, swimming, walking barefoot, playing with children that require physical contact.


16-18 months proprioceptive and vestibular balance training: ① squat to pick up objects and then stand up and walk, walk sideways and backward. ② Help the railing up and down the stairs, start to learn to run. ③ Train to draw lines, turn books, take things from small bottles, build 4 blocks into a wooden tower, and then push down. ④ Go out to play by swivel chair, chair swing. Tactile training: training to kick the ball, toss the ball, walk barefoot.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


22 ~ 24 months proprioceptive and vestibular balance training: ① After training to run very stable, rarely fall. ② Can be supported or independent upstairs. Train children to leave the ground at the same time to jump, leapfrog jump, rabbit jump. ④ Help children learn to string beads and other games, can open the door latch, folding paper and page by page reading, use a pen to learn to draw vertical lines and circles, can put up 7-8 layers of blocks or inserts.


25 to 30 months proprioceptive and vestibular balance training: ① Train the child to go up the stairs with alternating feet steadily and independently, go down the stairs independently, and stand on one foot. ② Learn to ride a tricycle. (3) Encourage the child to jump down on the low steps, and when the action is stable, it can be properly raised. You can teach children to draw some simple graphics, such as straight lines, horizontal lines, circles, etc. Children can be consciously trained to thread beads with string, play with blocks and toys, and build some cars, trains, towers and gatehouses with blocks. 5. Learn to swim.


31 ~ 36 months proprioceptive and vestibular balance training: (1) Encourage the child to stand on one foot, jump on one foot, walk with the toes, jump up or jump from the ground with both feet, and jump down from the steps (pay attention to the safety of the child). ② Alternate your feet when going down stairs. ③ Over obstacles. ④ Ride a three-wheeled stroller, bicycle, etc. ⑤ Paper cutting, simple painting, gradually learn to wear clothes, button. ⑥ Learn to swim. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the training of their children, do not miss a good time, so that the baby can give full play to their ability, must remember oh.