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How to train children to read early

2018-03-27 12:48:34

At first, I did not think about when to start reading books to children. I am a "naturalistic" mother who likes to reflect on my own upbringing and then reflect on how to raise my children. Before the age of four, I had no contact with books, any books, to the age of five, my mother casually took her textbooks home, put them at home, I have forgotten how to start reading, only remember to go to school before the book is a roll by hand. In the primary school stage, my mother did not pass me at all, and let me play a happy childhood. After growing up, she has been telling me, of course, a little later, that reading is a kind of natural capital, can read without too much force he will read, can not read you press him to read well. She has been very proud, said to our brother and sister no pressure, let us grow up naturally, and finally let us rely on reading to go out. Now, I have been somewhat influenced by my mother, and at the same time, I have absorbed experience in more educational books and practical examples. In the end, it is still the mean, both to believe in talent, but also to give human effort. You know, when my mother brought me up, my parents were busy making a living, how can they have today, putting everything in the first place for their children? I believe that really no one is born to read, and then I went to carefully ask my mother, in fact, with the fate of the book early in my two or three years old began. At that time, my parents had to go to work, my grandparents had died, and I was reluctant to go to a nanny grandma's home because I recognized her. So, my mother reluctantly put more than two years old I sat on the podium, while teaching, while looking at me. Mother is teaching the language, perhaps, it is this, those words and sentences will naturally enter my mind, accumulate, when the time is ripe naturally ran out. When I think of this, I think of reading to the end, or called, cultivate habits, create an atmosphere. In fact, I have not carefully thought about how to cultivate children into a person, but there is a natural worship psychology for the emotion of books. Mom and dad are readers, brother and sister-in-law are readers, Mr. Himself is also a reader, there is nothing too proud of the feeling, just think, we have been walking on a "reading" to make a living on the road, in addition to studying hard, the family has not given us other means of making a living, imagine, if we have failed to enter the university, early stall, Whether life has to be rewritten, whether it must be worse than now, who knows the answer? So whether being able to read is an advantage or a limitation has never been clear to me. Or, like everything else, they have two sides. God is always fair, He gives you some ability, but also limits other areas of expertise. God probably also believed in the golden mean and maintained the harmony of mankind, of course, he did not neglect to create a few great and wonderful people in every age. In any case, the book itself is a symbol of human civilization, the collection of the essence of the human spirit, no matter what kind of life path, reading is an indispensable part of the road to growth. Limit the serious book to look at, I think, so, gave him a lot of books such as "how many years must see the book" list, whether the real practice, but also rely on the efforts and persistence of adults. In the past, I bought him some pictures, cards, etc., which was not strictly like a book. Now there are books in the true sense of the word, stories, literacy, picture reading and so on. Australian books are still very good, at the beginning of friends sent a lot of books, the limit of interest is spontaneous, mother's intention is not forced, just to create the atmosphere of reading. There will be no time to turn over, although even positive and negative are not clear, and then laugh, or light something for my mother to read. At first, he did not have a special reaction, was not willing to follow the reading, and occasionally depressed for a while. A few days later, he suddenly read all of them, and even memorized the names of some remote animals, such as koalas, pelicans, flamingos, puffins... These animals won't be in a zoo, they'll never be seen in a lifetime. It seems that I was not patient enough, or unconsciously placed too high expectations on him. One thing is confirmed, we should give him the most accurate information, such as can not some of their own are not sure of the animal, simply turned into a duck or a bear, some things can not be fooled children, especially in the early stage of his language learning, because he will take everything seriously. The mother put the book on the sofa, the bed, the table, any place where the child can touch, the limit is to read for a while, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes ten minutes, and then play with something else, and then come back to read for a while. That adds up to about an hour a day spent on books. Sure enough, after a month, Limit has been familiar with the contents of the four books, the child has also reduced his interest in them, under observation, it turns out that he wants new knowledge. So, I went to the library and borrowed a bunch of books. Libraries are one of the public facilities in every suburb. They provide convenient information and book borrowing services. They offer free cards to residents. Everything is free, whether it is borrowing books, reading books or surfing the Internet. Each library has a special reading corner for children, some children come here every day to read, and there are also some story time for children of different ages every week. Limit to come here, as an amusement park, always running around, sometimes Shouting, each time can not play for too long, because afraid of noisy others. But no matter, taking him to the world of books from time to time has already achieved a certain purpose in itself. The books here are very expensive, or from another point of view, they are all legitimate books, at least three or four dollars for a children's book, a few thin pages are done, of course, the quality is high, here is a serious fight against piracy. As a result, borrowing books is the choice of many people here, and the library has all kinds of books, as long as you protect them, you can make unlimited use of them. To the limit to see the library borrowed books, you can only accompany him to read, one is to teach something, and two to take care not to let him tear the book. Kids this age, they rip paper for fun. Of course, the purpose of reading can not be too utilitarian, reading is just a way to absorb knowledge and enjoy spiritual culture, if reading as a means of "making a fortune", it will flow into the most fun situation. For me, I prefer the child to see the book as one of his toys, fun first, always first. Every time he came to the library, the first program of the end was to play with this large string of beads, and when he had played enough, he came to read. Sitting in silence for a few minutes, it was kind of like that. Before the nap, always read for a while, and then hug the book to sleep.