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How to use Huawei Game voucher

2018-03-30 00:00:12

Huawei game voucher belongs to Huawei game Feedback activity, so the question comes, how to use Huawei game voucher? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you how to use Huawei game coupons, taking Huawei Glory V8 and super Group English game as an example.


Huawei, a game


Huawei usually comes with its own game, if not, you can download it from Huawei app. First, open the Huawei game.


You will be taken to the following page, then click on (mine), as if you were going to a person, and you will see the balance of the game ticket here, as shown in the image.


Next, click on the game below (that is, the game downloaded in the game), the general default 3K platform.


Click on the game management, open the game, today we have been super group legend this game as an example, as shown in the picture, this is the game interface, and then click the recharge (each game recharge icon is different, subject to the actual situation) to recharge.


We take top up 6 yuan as an example, remember to click to use the game voucher when top up, as shown below, the actual payment amount is 0.00, and finally click to confirm the payment, it is completed, the balance of the game voucher will still be kept, but pay attention to the stipulated time limit oh.

Matters needing attention

I hope I can help you. Thanks for reading.