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How to use Powerword for English translation

2018-02-18 11:12:00

At present, many professional software does not have a Chinese version, and it is inevitable to encounter some unknown English words and sentences in use. Powerword is a professional Chinese-English translation software, which can help us very well.




First of all, open the software, I use here is the Powerword 2016 version.


Powerword window translation supports automatic word retrieval. There are two ways to automatically delimit.


Point your mouse to programmers, the tools menu item of the software notepad. Word Power automatically appears in the translation window below, tools means "tools" in Chinese. This is the automatic word, also known as the mouse word.


In the interior of the page, the mouse automatically takes the word generally can not intercept the entry, at this time you can use the underlined word. Any text that can be selected can be translated.


programmers in the online help page of the English software, use your mouse to select the word Expressions and it quickly translates them for you. Expressions are translated into Chinese.


Here is the software further word Settings, choose the right way to use words can make you more comfortable. Proficient in this method, people with poor English foundation can also use good English software and easily get rid of the language barrier.