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How to use the tail cargo map to find goods?

2018-03-13 11:12:35

Tail goods Pass, a website +APP designed for tail goods wholesale, retail, information release and source sharing, helps workers quickly deal with tail goods, and provides a large amount of source information for businesses looking for tail goods. Map to find goods is very convenient for buyers to find goods, the following small series will introduce the use of map to find goods, I hope to help you!


First of all, log in your tail cargo pass account, enter the member, click the map to find goods icon.


Enter the keywords you want to find the source content in the "Please enter keyword query", such as "children's clothing", click OK, the page will display the source information that meets your query conditions; Or you can click on the icon on the map to see the source information.


Click the "Filter" button, enter the query conditions page, according to your needs to set, you want to find adult clothing, wholesale within 10 kilometers of the supply; Or you want to find the source of goods, this time click by the region to filter, click "done", the map page will be displayed in line with your query conditions of the source information.


Using "My subscription", you can grasp the latest source information of home in the first time. In the "My subscription" page, according to your needs to subscribe to the source of goods, classification, processing methods, regional Settings, purchase subscription number, click "go to purchase", click save, subscription information can be viewed in the subscription record, or in the "personal" - "message" view.


When approaching the source of goods, the system will push the source information that conforms to your browsing history to you according to your browsing history, check in the reminder record, or check in the "Personal" - "message".

Matters needing attention

Be sure to log in your tail goods pass account, in order to find goods in the map interface to find source information Oh!