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How to use tissues

2018-04-10 19:12:13

Paper extraction is often used in daily life, but how much of it is used in the right place in actual use? Now let me talk about my feelings


Bamboo pulp paper, wood pulp paper, bamboo pulp mixed pulp, grass pulp mixed pulp, etc


Living room use my personal choice is the favorite series of ordinary paper, this paper is bamboo pulp paper, the advantage is flexible and comfortable. Usually there is also the use of wind, heart printing and other big brands of paper, their main price is too high. So I prefer to draw paper, the price is affordable, the quality is about the same. The main requirement for the use of living room and bedroom is to be flexible and comfortable. If you use it at the table, you need thick wet paper, so that especially when you chew pig hands and other especially greasy hands, it is not easy to stick to your hands. Toilet use wet water easily melted paper, so it is less likely to clog the drain.


The information illegally crawled from experience

Matters needing attention

Do not put the paper in an excessively humid place for a long time, although it will take longer than the roll paper, but after all, the paper towel will still absorb water.