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How to use to take country visa photos

2018-03-06 09:36:00

Today we teach you how to use online photography to create US visa photos, Thailand visa photos, Japan visa photos, Greece visa photos, New Zealand visa photos, European visa photos and more than 60 other countries or regions.




First of all, open the app and enter five words in the search box at the top of the home page


In the "Photo" page, select the visa photo you want to take, or enter the name of the country at the top to search, you can quickly find the corresponding photo information


Let's take Thailand visa photos as an example. After clicking [Thailand Visa] to enter the shooting page, you can take photos directly or choose the standard photos in the album to upload


Then check the photo information (mainly to see if the type is right, the size and background color are set by the system itself, don't worry about making mistakes)


Upload the photos taken and wait for the system to detect and process


After 3 seconds you can see the effect of the preview image, if you are satisfied with the preview, you can immediately save the electronic file to or email, or you can choose to print and send home

Matters needing attention

Photos should be taken on a pure white or off-white background.


Include the full front face in the viewfinder frame, keeping your eyes open and looking natural.


The head is centered inside the viewfinder frame.


Adjust the position of the subject and adjust the light to ensure that no shadows appear on the face or background.


I hope you can take your own visa photos!