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How to visit Changtianchi?

2018-02-17 01:36:00

Long scenic area has the reputation of "thousand years of snow for pine, straight up the world's first peak", called the "roof of the northeast". Long has "sacred mountain, holy water, Qilin, fairy fruit" and other reputation, to here how to play?


Personal belongings


Thicker clothes




Camera equipment


The small Tianchi is located in the deep forest of the west bank of the Changbei Slope, where the oil well is in an excellent position, and it is a must for lovers to travel. It's a beautiful place for two people to sit and watch in silence. If there's a crowd, go to the other side.


Changtian Lake, beautiful, calm lake, like a large mirror, people walk around the lake, can see clearly. It was not allowed to visit before, but now it has become a must-visit place for many people, because it is said to be the land of dragon prosperity. I wonder if there really will be dragons!


Changbai Waterfall is located in the north side of Tianchi, to see such a waterfall, really have the feeling of flying down, 3,000 feet must be exaggerated. Here you can not only feel the sense of urgency of flying down, but also a huge roar, better than the sound of a 12-cylinder engine.


Black Tuyere Black tuyere is the east end of the peak and the viewing platform in the middle, a "concave" -shaped gap on the cliff, here is a long wind, and it is strong wind, many people feel that the wind here is like a black wind, accidentally caught. I wonder if there's a black wind tunnel down there?


There are large areas of forest at the bottom of the long valley, up to 100 meters from the top. The forest here when viewed from below, towering above the sky. From above, these forests look like they're underground, so they're called underground forests. Wandering in the underground forest, just know what is the forest sea.


Heavenly Woman Bath Pool Heavenly Woman Bath Pool is located in the northwest side of the east of 30.4 kilometers of a "pool muddy and round", shaped like a "round pool". The water quality here is pure, it is said that there is a heavenly woman in this bath, this fairy should not be seven fairies.


1. You can take the "Long Travel Express Line" directly at the long airport, and the specific bus time can be checked on the official website. 2., Yanji, and other places can be reached by plane; If you take the train, you can get off at the station or station and then transfer to the bus. 3. There are direct buses from Yanji South Bus Station to Changtianchi Scenic Spot every day; There is a shuttle bus to arrive, and then you can charter to long.

Matters needing attention

It is best to purchase travel accident insurance before departure, so that you can get timely assistance if an accident occurs.


When women travel alone for a long time, they should be cautious about strangers offering drinks or invitations