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How to watch TV shows that require membership for free

2018-02-20 01:36:00

When we finally come across a TV show we are interested in, only to find out that we need a membership to watch it, it feels so sweet. In line with the principle of saving what you can, today I am here to give you the method of watching VIP TV series for free.


Micro ❤ public number


First step, we open micro ❤, click search in the upper right corner, and select the official account search.


The second step, we choose to search the public number "Baidu Cloud network disk download", as shown in the following figure, click on the public number.


The third step, after the completion of attention, enter the public number, click on the lower-right corner of the "play" word, there will be "" and" thousand excellent "two options, we choose to enter" ".


Step 4, after entering "", click" Read the full text ", and then select "Long" to enter it. As shown in the following picture.


The fifth step, after entering "Jiujiu", continue to click "Read the full text", enter the interface as shown below, search for the TV series you want to watch. Well, today's share is here, any questions feel free to leave a message to communicate, we have a bye.

Matters needing attention

Don't click on the ads easily. Be careful.


If the public number can not use the message to find me to update.