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How to wear a French shirt

2018-03-14 22:24:00

There are many styles of our daily wear shirts, French shirts are recently more popular, wear out a very elegant sense, then how to wear French shirts better look? The following is to introduce a few French shirt collocation, I hope to help you.

How to wear a French shirt

Match 1: Pink French shirt + Black wrap skirt Pink is a very gentle, sweet color, this pink French shirt is simple and stylish, with a black wrap skirt, elegant and temperament.


Match two: White French shirt + Gray plaid pants White and gray together is very appropriate, white French shirt is very good with the bottom, with a casual style of gray plaid pants, and look clean.


Match three: White French shirt + Denim skirt French shirt many are square collar, this white French shirt is a slim version, with a pair of dark blue denim shorts, not only elegant, but also very stylish.


Match 4: Vintage red floral French shirt + white cropped pants The design of this vintage red floral shirt with puffed sleeves is a classic French style, with a white cropped pants, and then with a pair of white high-heeled boots, personality and very retro beauty.


Match five: gray-blue French shirt + White wrap dress Gray-blue is a very atmospheric and lining color, this gray-blue French shirt has a sense of design, a little court style, with a white wrap dress, full of elegance.


Match six: White French shirt + white wide leg pants + white high heels White clothes wear out very fashionable, white French shirt with a white wide leg pants, and then with a pair of white high heels, elegant and with a bit of ability.