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How to wear contact lenses

2018-04-23 22:24:01

The correct way to wear contact lenses should be as follows:


Contact lens


To ensure local cleanliness, wash your hands before putting in contact lenses and cut off nails if they are long.


Place the contact lens on the tip of your right index finger, and with the index finger of your left hand, turn the upper eyelid over and secure it under the brow arch.


Use the middle finger of the right hand to turn the lower eyelid down, you can stick the contact lens in the middle of the cornea, in the process of wearing the eyes should look straight ahead, the contact lens slowly on the cornea.


After applying, release the upper and lower eyelids and blink to ensure that the contact lens is in the middle of the cornea.

Matters needing attention

Wear contact lenses must pay attention to hygiene.