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How to work abroad

2018-03-30 06:24:55

Working abroad is a problem that many people are considering more and more nowadays. On the one hand, you can go abroad to see the world, on the other hand, you can make more money than you work. So how do you work abroad? Generally speaking, there are three ways to go abroad to work, one can be handled by labor dispatch. The second is to go abroad in the form of occupational immigration. The third is the form of invitations issued overseas. For the general class of people, we mainly go abroad to work through labor dispatch or occupational immigration. Through the way of labor dispatch to work abroad, this is the most common way to work abroad. In general, there will be such special overseas labor service in the local. Therefore, we only need to find such services and consult the relevant processes. In addition, it should be noted that labor dispatch belongs to the national Department of Commerce, so we need to have a clear understanding of the qualifications of labor. Avoid unexpected situations such as being cheated. The general process includes: interview, signing the contract (pay the fee at the same time, the fee varies according to the country to go to), waiting for the overseas employer to issue the invitation letter, waiting for the visa (work visa) to be issued. For us, we generally only need to apply for a passport at the entry and exit department of the bureau where our household registration is located, and the rest are labor services. After the invitation letter and visa are processed, then you can prepare to work abroad. Of course, this is a certain cycle, generally developed countries have a relatively long processing cycle (more than 6 months), developing countries and African countries will have a relatively short processing cycle (Singapore has the longest processing cycle, one month can be handled). Work abroad in the form of occupational immigration, which is a form of work abroad similar to labor abroad. Except this one was on an immigrant visa. If your purpose of working abroad is not only to work, you will also consider immigration in the later period. Then you can find such an occupational immigration, in this case, you can work abroad for a certain number of years, put forward an immigration application, which can handle immigration procedures on behalf of the cost. In addition, the labor service is not qualified to handle immigration procedures). As for the definition of occupational immigrants, there are different requirements according to different countries. In general, occupational migration requires higher conditions than labor, and cannot be premised on occupying foreign labor markets (leaving foreigners without job opportunities themselves). The processing process of occupational immigration and overseas labor service is similar, here will not do too much introduction, the specific can consult occupational immigration management. Overseas invites you to work abroad. This approach is mainly to invite you to take a position abroad, which is a common way for some large enterprises, and only internal employees will have such opportunities. Therefore, there is no more to describe here. Note: Whether it is in the form of overseas labor service or in the form of professional immigration, no agent can guarantee 100% of the visas. Because the visa is something that is not subject to subjective control, it is entirely up to the embassy visa officer.