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How to wrap beautiful fruit

2018-01-05 04:48:00

The evening of Christmas Eve, the evening of December 24 in the Gregorian calendar, is called night. It was originally a day for family reunion in foreign countries, just like Chinese New Year's Eve, and now the festival is widely spread in the world of cultural exchanges. Apples symbolize the meaning, so on the night of this day, many people will send apples to bless others. Carefully packaged fruit expresses deeper blessings.


A nice snake fruit or an apple


Wrapping paper, packaging bag, candy bag, lace, ribbon


The easiest way is to find a beautiful candy paper bag, you can write a message on the greeting card, put it into the bag and send it out.


Method 2. Use two pieces of circular lace in different colors, 30cm in diameter. Place the apple in the middle of a piece of lace, wrap the lace around the apple with the same color ribbon, and place another piece of lace on the outside, tie it in the same way, and tie it in a bow. Beautiful, dreamy.


To fold the wrapping paper, place the apple in the center of the paper, pinch it, fold it as follows, and tie it with a cable tie


Round lace nylon paper piece, apple in the center, first lift four diagonals, then pull towards the center, tie a big bow

Matters needing attention

Not so much packaging. It's the thought, you know


Wrapping paper and other materials stationery, gifts are easy to buy