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How to write well and beautifully

2018-03-27 01:36:38

In the Internet-based information age, more and more people are using a keyboard instead of writing by hand, so that bad characters become worse. Many people want to be able to write beautiful handwriting, but compared to adults, typefaces are almost set and not so easy to correct. However, it is generally easier than primary school children and some young people whose fonts have not yet been finalized. This is because they are easy to accept the new font, once there is the right guidance, choose the right font, the right method, and the persistent attitude, in the short term can receive good results, because there is no note before the good or bad characters, some ugly or even wrong writing has become a vice, it is difficult to correct. But it is possible to write well.


Pen, paper


First, the attitude should be correct. Attitude determines everything, a person's work attitude reflects the attitude of life, and the attitude of life determines the achievement of a person's life. Then the learning attitude is correct, we can overcome the difficulties in learning, will have the willpower to restrain their inertia, and produce the motivation to urge themselves. When you slack off, correct your learning attitude in time to provide the necessary guarantee for learning, writing is also a kind of learning, the attitude is correct in the process of writing can also improve efficiency and get twice the result with half the effort, if both, a beautiful hand will certainly belong to you.


The information illegally crawled from experience


The third way to hold a pen. Whether the method of holding the pen is correct is related to the control ability of the pen, the flexibility of the pen, the speed of writing, and the direct effect of writing. A good way to hold a pen must be cultivated from a young age, otherwise, once formed a habit, it is difficult to correct. Now shaped adults want to practice, but also have to correct their own way of holding the pen. As shown in the figure.


The fourth is to choose your ideal calligraphy. People who practice calligraphy must first understand what they need to strengthen practice in those aspects, and then tailor them to choose their favorite calligraphy. General beginners choose calligraphy, it is best to start from official script, regular script and seal script. But not regular script, seal script, running script or official script cursive. You can choose to use clear handwriting, smooth line font font. Brush characters are the same as pen characters. Only smooth lines and clear handwriting can be learned. The lines are intentionally vague, omit a few strokes, and express the feelings of the calligraphy work, but it is not suitable for beginners. Choose the calligraphy, you have found the ideal calligraphy. It is recommended to read more posts in the calligraphy section of the book city, find what you like first, and then continue to practice.


Fifth to practice, only through diligent practice. No matter your age, no matter whether you write or not, as long as you work hard, make up your mind, and after some effort, you can write well. There is no genius in writing, writing good characters depends on confidence + careful + perseverance; As the saying goes, "Nothing is difficult in the world, only if you have a heart", "everything is difficult at the beginning, only if you have a strong will." So you can too.

Matters needing attention

The key is ambition and perseverance.