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Husky dog price How much husky dog

2018-01-01 09:36:00
The Siberian Sled dog is a primitive, ancient breed of dog that gets its name from the husky's distinctive raspy cry. The Chukchi, a primitive tribe in northeast Siberia, used the wolf-like dog as a primitive means of transportation to pull sleds, and used the dog to hunt and raise reindeer, or breed the dog and bring it out of the frozen land where they lived in exchange for food and clothing. Husky personality is changeable, some extremely timid, some extremely violent, into the mainland and family husky have no wild, relatively docile, is a popular pet dog in the world.
The price of husky dogs can be mainly considered from three aspects

One: The region determines the price of a husky dog. Generally speaking, the price of husky dog farms in developed cities will be more expensive, and the price of husky dogs in remote areas will be cheaper.


Two: Quality determines the price of husky dogs of different quality The price of husky dogs is certainly different, so you must understand how much the price of a purebred husky dog can better judge the quality of the dog, of course, can not say that the more expensive the better, but the truth of a penny a penny I think we should be clear.


Three: The price of husky dogs sold by individuals and dog farms will be different because the cost of giving birth to husky dogs raised by individuals is lower than that of dog farms, and the choice of personal breeds is cheaper than that of professional breeding of dog farms, but the basic of personal breeds rarely allow you to meet, and those who claim to be personal domesticated on the Internet are basically not individuals.

Husky puppy price

Domestic pet level: Generally 1500 yuan to 3000 yuan, less than 1000 yuan is not guaranteed, mostly hybrid dogs.


Kennel: Generally 3,000 to 100,000 yuan


Competition dogs: 10,000 yuan to no cap, the price of ordinary Husky dogs and competition Husky dogs are not the same.

Matters needing attention

The price of the dog varies according to the purchase of different cities, different purchase places, different purchase sizes, colors and products, and the price varies greatly!