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Ideas for tourism in West Africa

2018-02-24 01:36:00

The African continent is a place that people yearn for but also a little worried about. The beautiful natural scenery makes every travel enthusiast have the impulse to go there, so what matters we should pay attention to in Africa is particularly important for our life safety. The following is to give you a brief introduction to the precautions we have prepared for the east after arriving in Africa


West Africa is a tropical rainforest area, where the world's second largest river Congo River passes through it, where there are more mosquitoes, so anti-mosquito things must be ready, small things here to recommend you wind oil essence, toilet water, of course, the skin sunscreen requirements can also bring some sunscreen, because the sun's ultraviolet intensity is still famous


Travel special shoes do not need me to say more, you can carry your favorite shoes according to your own needs


African people are warm, with the blood of slaves in their bones, but they must treat black people with a mentality, and cannot discriminate against them. If you see some unthinkable things, you can try them yourself


For black people, do not be too enthusiastic, or you will find that there will be a lot of trouble, because the African people are mostly poor, and one person can not help all the local people


Mosquito repellent is not effective for a long time, it also evaporates, so we should pay attention to protective tools when entering the tropical rainforest area, but because of the hot weather, we can wear some breathable protective clothes to avoid mosquito bites


Individual travel adventure must hire a local guide, so that into the jungle guide will lead you to follow the convenient path and do not get lost


Finally, some daily necessities do not necessarily need to be brought, after the city here you will find that there are many Chinese businessmen here, mosquito nets, MATS, bedding, slippers, water basin and other daily necessities can be bought


The infrastructure in Africa is not very perfect, and there are often power outages, so bringing a flashlight with good storage capacity is a good choice