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If you want to go, keep... Travel guide

2018-01-14 04:48:00

It is definitely a city that makes you want to go back and forth, in the romantic Gulangyu, you will find that time is really used to waste. Boys want to take a love to laugh love to eat love to take pictures of the girl counterparts, girls want to find a will have a sense of direction of the male counterparts. About the food: 1. Oyster fried No. 189 Longtou Road 10 yuan a serving. Oyster is very generous, with sauce only one word! 2. Huangsheng Ji meat breast No. 95 Dragon Head Road 100 yuan 8 package this should be the most famous on the island, the boss is very, large pieces of meat breast to passers-by to eat for free, business is particularly good, meat breast sweet and chewy, four days on the island every day to pass a taste, walk the day specially to buy back, endless aftertaste 3. At one of the only stalls on the island that can be operated, the old woman uses a knife to cut the glutinous rice balls, then quickly sprinkles them with sugar and peanuts, then drops them into the sesame seeds and rolls them around with bewildering skill. There's a lot of people lining up to buy it, and we eat it every day. In the baby's words, waxy but not sticky, sweet and not greasy 4. Zhang Sanmad milk tea No. 266 Longtou Road 15 yuan a cup Zhang Sanmad is a cat, milk tea is really very fragrant, there are cereal and raisins, many people come here, but the price is a little expensive, everyone as a Xiaozi 5. Compared to Zhang Sanfeng, Marasan juice is really a bargain, a large glass of juice is full of pulp, willow juice 5 yuan, strawberry and star fruit juice 10 yuan, pug, absolutely enjoy 6.babycat private pie No. 143 Longtou Road 12 yuan a box of 8 islands have a lot of pie, This is not to be missed, every day at 2 o 'clock fresh pie delivery, 1:30 has been packed with people, the most exaggerated someone bought 80 boxes, queued for half an hour to buy, really very delicious, green tea and coconut the best 7. No. 58, Xianchao Longtou Road, 5 yuan a cup ferry pier sells only 2.5 yuan, Gulangyu is a big cup, 5 yuan. Half a cup of baked grass bottom, added taro balls, red beans, peanuts, Job's tears, milk tea than honey better drink, can not miss 8. Frozen bamboo shoots 5 yuan a first flavor snack, the sea annelists sand worms wash and boil, to form jelly jelly after cooling, with hot sauce, mustard and coriander, eat very refreshing. But some people will not be used to eating 9 dragon head fish balls No. 183 Dragon Head Road 5 yuan a bowl This noodle is very small, but the fish ball soup is very famous, the soup head is very fresh 10. It uses a special bean skin, wrapped in minced lean meat, water chestnuts, Onions, etc., wrapped into a strip such as spring cake, and then put down the oil pot fried into brown, cut into several sections, dipping condiments to eat, fragrant, crisp, crisp, fresh, wonderful 11. This is the signature dish of tea time, sold out on the first day, the taste of curry and seafood is perfect, but the price is more expensive than the price. Tea Talk Time's ancient chase milk tea is said to be very good, 20 yuan a cup 12. Octopus Fish Dragon Head Road 189 yuan 10 A serving of original seafood, very chewy, slightly spicy 13. Grain fragrant flat food No. 169 Longtou Road breakfast choice home, mixed noodles 3 yuan delicious people are amazing, peanut butter noodles is too good 14. Peanut Soup Road yellow and snack 2 yuan a bowl of very famous peanut soup, taste very sweet 15. Duck porridge Road 130 porridge 1.5 yuan, and then you can choose the oil bar, duck meat, fish, oyster and other things, very good 16. Satcha noodles 10 yuan a bowl of street signs can be seen satcha noodles, each taste is different, which adds bean dried pork liver squid and shrimp, a famous snack 17. Jiawei add to snack Road No. 29 This famous snack things are complete and cheap, taro bun roast meat Zongzi fried spiced shrimp noodles yellow gold cake fried spiced all available About play: D1 day: The plane flew at 9:00 in the morning, got off the plane at 10:30, left the airport will see the bus stop, there is a bus directly to the airport, take No. 27 can go to the ferry terminal, the bus is only one yuan. To the pier will see the opposite side of the sea is the heart of the long Gulangyu Island, do not hurry, first go to the post office next to the eight mother-in-law drink a cup of 2.5 burnt grass, buy a 10 yuan hand-drawn map, you can bargain with the boss. Not far away is the road Pedestrian street, you can go to yellow and drink peanut soup, eat some snacks (remind everyone to be careful of thieves on the road, someone put a strange POSE do not take photos, it is cheating money). Solve the lunch can slowly take the ferry, the ferry to Gulangyu free, return 8 yuan, to the second floor to sit a yuan, 15 minutes one, after 10 p.m. Free. Ten minutes later finally set foot on Gulangyu, first to the booked Na ya check in, put down your bags to rest and began to look for snacks around, you will find that in Gulangyu really will get lost, because the door plate is not arranged in accordance with the conventional method. Gulangyu Island is actually a small island, there is no transportation on the island except sightseeing buses, and we can only rely on walking. All the way to see a lot of new people in the wedding photos, drank a sanmad milk tea, ate sesame cakes and Huang Shengji, came to the road, there is a home boat, you can send a letter to the future. Sit down and write postcards to friends, then come to the tea time, enjoy the ancient curry crab, more than 7 PM can go to the Gulangyu Concert Hall to enjoy the island music school students to bring you a concert. Slowly walk back to Na Ya, along the road there are a lot of sell shell jewelry, one piece, the baby bought a lot of bracelets. Back to the room to take a bath and rest comfortably, looking forward to the next day's trip to Xiamen University. D2 day: sleep until 9 o 'clock in the morning, found that it rained last night, Gulangyu after the rain has a different style, returned the room to deposit the bag after going to McDonald's to take the island attractions joint ticket, the price joint ticket is 80, it is recommended that you book as long as 65, but so that you take the tour group signing bill rather than tickets. Then set off 8 yuan to cross the sea by wheel, and then take 71 bus bottom station is Xiamen University. First go to the south Temple next to the 3 yuan ticket, it is said that the Bodhisattva of the South Temple is very effective, prayerful, bought a box of south vegetarian cake, very good. After visiting the temple decided not to climb the mountain, if you want to escape the ticket to Wanshi Botanical Garden can climb straight up. Came to the gate of Xiamen University, found that in order to prevent and control swine flu Xiamen University prohibited visitors to visit, so pulled a small MM pretending to be her friend mixed in, a school gate was shocked, this is really a university? After a slow visit to follow the flow of people, walked across the lake, came to the famous restaurant, the third floor can pay cash, ordered a fried clam, fried squid, oyster tofu soup only 21, the soup is too delicious. After eating at Xiamen University, walk across the campus and walk out of the campus gate. What you see is the beach. Out of the school gate can see the sea, originally this is true, Xiamen University students really happy, the dormitory is like the castle. Take off the shoes without hesitation to the sea, take photos next to Hulishan fort, ticket 25, you can see the red Yi cannon launch performance. After coming out, you can rent a bicycle, 15 hours, you can bargain unlimited time, and then slowly enjoy the Egret Island along the roundabout road, you can also see the beautiful scenery of the sea under the sunset. Ride back to return the deposit, do the bus circuit, a small visit to take a taxi to small glasses food stalls, eat a meal of seafood, this cheap and affordable, go late will have no seat. A full meal back ferry back to Gulangyu, take the bag to 1930 coffee hotel check in. Just entered the room was a surprise, hand-painted wall is very creative, bathroom and bath towel and hair dryer, by the way to tease the boss raised "can" after going to sleep, tomorrow to see the island attractions. D3 Day: I got up early today, because I have to climb the Sunlight rock, the highest peak of the sunlight rock is a few square meters of rock, so it will be full of people when I go late, it is impossible to take photos. Before nine o 'clock the island is almost open, you can walk quietly through the streets to Sunlight Rock, the highest peak of Sunlight Rock can overlook the whole Gulangyu Island, it is very windy, but very comfortable. After coming down, you can take the cable car to see the bird park, the baby is afraid of birds, I went in and walked a circle. The cable car is one-way, but it does not open before 9:00, it is recommended that you walk up first, and then take the cable car down, no delay. A short walk according to the signs is the Shuzhuang Garden, which has 12 sky holes, the 44 Bridge and two piano museums. It is very good, and there will be many guides leading groups and listening to the introduction of the island. The Piano Museum has pianos that are played by the staff at regular intervals. The Sunlight Rock ticket is 60, and the Sunlight Garden 30, but the combined ticket includes the Sunlight Rock, the Hundred Birds Garden, the Shuzhuang Garden, the Haoyue Garden, the Organ Museum, and the Calligraphy Museum, so it is very cost effective. Take a look at the lettering museum next to it and stroll along the beach until you reach the Bright Moon Garden, which has a huge statue of Zheng Chenggong. After coming out did not go far is the commercial street, back to 1930 to rest, in the afternoon to the organ museum, interested students can also go to the underwater world to see, ticket 70, student ID 40. We resolutely chose to explore the rare Gu Xin Road, the results on the other side of the island lost, all the way to see a person, the winding path only two of us singing all the way, that afternoon is unforgettable. In the evening, he went to dragon Head 189 to eat oyster fried, spiced strips, bought a cup of malasan, walked around and went back to the hotel, and found that time passed very fast. D4 Day: The last day on Gulangyu Island, I slept late, got up to eat breakfast, and the noodles were really delicious. Then I go around and buy food to take home, glutinous rice cakes, meat, BBC private pie, New four seas dry goods. All done on the nostalgia of the island, and then visit the island again a good gift, such as gap house. Take the ferry back in the afternoon, go to the road and add snacks to eat snacks, duck porridge to drink porridge, the last time to see the sunset of Gulangyu after the car went to the airport, by eight o 'clock plane fly back.