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Illustrated with detailed explanation of Japanese shopping process - their own sea Amoy do not ask for people

2018-06-11 16:00:00

There are three aspects to start online shopping: 1. Where to buy? 2. How to pay? 3. How to ship overseas treasures back to China?


Japanese shopping sites (Japanese Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo, etc.)


Japan transit (js Transit, tenso, SYO Japan Transit, etc.)

Fix the transfer

The necessary step for overseas shopping in Japan is to fix the transfer, because most businesses in Japan do not support direct delivery to China, so we must first obtain the address of the transfer, so that businesses can send the goods to the transfer, and then send them to our hands after receiving the transfer. Japan to China a lot of transport, such as JS, TENSO, SYO Japan transport, etc., after the comparison to tell the truth SYO Japan transport this charge is really cheap, may be a newly established stunt to attract customers, but hope to maintain such a charging standard. From the perspective of international freight, many companies are only limited to EMS will have a 5% discount, and this EMS not only has, international small bags (air, SAL, shipping) have 5% freight discount, and EMS regardless of the weight of the handling fee is 100 yen. JS is also cheaper, but does not provide international small package transfer service; TENSO is very fast and is the largest transshipment in Japan, but the cost is more expensive.


You can ask me the address of SYO transfer. Once opened, click on the top right corner to register.


Fill in the username email and other information


Fill in personal information and address


After registration, you can get a shipping address in Japan. The shipping address in Japan should be filled in when shopping on the Japanese website so be sure to confirm it clearly.

Take Nichia as an example for registration and shopping tutorials

If you don't understand Japanese, you can switch to English with a click. You can also use chrome's translation plug-in to translate directly into Chinese. This tutorial is done in Japanese, which is easier to understand than the pictures.


Start registration, first use. To click on "early めて use します"


Fill in the registration information.


After registration is completed, the screen will jump to the home page of Niya, so that you can search for the goods you want to buy, at this time, the top right corner of the page of the official website of Niya will appear in the place where your user name. When searching for items, it is better to enter the model directly, D7000,IPHONE, etc.


For the purchase of goods, here we take the purchase of a D7000 SLR as an example. Follow the corresponding buttons in the picture and put them into the shopping cart.


Add to cart and proceed to next step


Enter the account password again before entering the payment page


Fill in the name and address of the transfer and other information. After you enter the address postal code, the receiving address area will automatically appear in the Prefectural and domicile 1 column below. But it's a rough range of addresses, not all of them. So fill in the corresponding house number in the address 2 box. Examples of address filling for SYO Japan transhipment are quoted here.


Select delivery methods There are three distribution methods, usually distribution, expedited and designated time three. The latter two are charged, so the general choice is usually distribution.


Go to the payment page and add your credit card information


Confirm the shopping cart to purchase goods content, delivery address, payment method and other information, confirm the correct can complete the whole process.


After the order is completed, the order history and delivery status can be checked in the account.