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Image - Bell tower

2018-04-09 12:48:31

The bell tower, you just go, this is the scenic spot you can not get around, introduce a stranger to see the bell tower.


The Bell Tower,


Take the baby to the wine that lives about 900 meters by the bell tower. The bell tower is the heart, the subway line 2, the bus runs in all directions, no matter which scenic spot you go, starting from the bell Tower is very convenient.


About 800 meters from the bell tower, I think it is better than the bell tower, it may be that the bell tower has become a turntable at a crossroads, the antique building is surrounded by motor vehicles, there is a sense of violation!


The most important thing is that behind is the street, the paradise of food!


Note that the lamb bubble, the same name has a lot of homes, is the rear of the old lamb bubble, personal think the worst, not only the price is nearly 10 yuan higher than the previous year, but also the taste is not good, my baby's first meal left a bad impression, so that talk bubble color change, sad shout zai! Lamb bubble bread, my old sun home, old ~


Too close to the bell tower, during the day in other scenic spots to visit the body tired, often go back to the bell tower is lazy to take a look, hey! Put yourself as a person, envy them!

Matters needing attention

Continue to post personal views of attractions tomorrow!