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In 2014, British universities ranked Top5 medical professional schools

2018-04-03 11:12:52

With the emergence of the 2014 British University rankings, many children began to need to find their own professional college rankings, in order to make the most reasonable choice, below I will introduce to you in the 2014 British university rankings of Chinese medicine in the top 5 colleges and universities, I hope to help you make a more reasonable choice. The University of Oxford has a strong research force, with 83 members of the Royal Society and 125 members of the British Academy in its School of Medicine. Medicine and other fields, it ranks among the best in the UK and even the world. The University of Oxford's School of Medicine has positioned itself to train high-level clinical medical research talents and has remained small, admitting only 150 students per year. In most medical schools, training clinicians is the main goal, and clinical practice teaching generally accounts for more than half. The University of Cambridge Medical School is an independent, autonomous entity, with its own income and property, responsible for its own undergraduate students, each of whom belongs to a college. The courses of this major are mainly natural science and clinical medicine, medicine and veterinary medicine, and the research department is very broad, extending to immunology, virology, microbial pathogenesis, biology, parasitic infection, genomic analysis and cancer, and clinical medicine practice before graduation. The employment rate of graduates is the first in the UK, the employment rate of medical graduates is more than 99%, graduates mainly work in hospitals, research, education and science and other fields, and the proportion of graduate students is 37%. Basic admission requirements: 1. Have a high school diploma and high school grade point average of 75 or above. 2.IELTS7.0 or TOEFL600NO.3University of Edinburgh's medical school is also one of the world's famous medical education, founded in 1927, there are many world famous medical scientists who have studied or taught here. Such as Joseph Rist, who was the first to introduce cleaning and disinfection into surgery, and James Simpson, who discovered that chloroform could be used for surgical anesthesia. The Medical school of the University of Edinburgh has a history of more than two hundred years, with a long tradition of good, is a five-year course. University College London is generally regarded as the third oldest university in England after Oxford and Cambridge. The level of medical research at University College London is far ahead in the world. University College London has many high-level medical research institutions, such as the Institute of Pediatrics, the Institute of Neurology, the Eastman Dental Institute and the Institute of Ophthalmology. In fact, 65% of UCL's income comes from biomedicine. Ten laureates of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and medicine have studied or worked in research at UCL. The school's flagship specialties include cell biology, neuroscience, physiology, pediatrics, neurology, and ophthalmology. The strong biomedical advantage of UCL was significantly consolidated with the relocation of national medical research from Mill Hill to UCL. The first and largest laboratory, founded by the Medical Research Council in 1913, has won five Nobel Prizes and today employs more than 700 researchers and has an annual budget of £27 million. Entry requirements: Minimum IELTS 6.5, TOEFL CBT 237, PBT580, IBT92NO.5University of Aberdeen The University of Aberdeen has a reputation for excellence in medicine. Both insulin and nuclear magnetic coshock were invented by professors at the University of Aberdeen, and the university is a leader in teaching and research in medicine, humanities and sciences. The teaching quality is outstanding, the professional Settings are complete, and it is listed as one of the best 20 star universities in the UK. Eighty-nine percent of the school's 450 undergraduate and graduate programs are rated excellent or excellent. The Law School is regarded as one of the top law schools in the UK, and the international Law and commercial law offered are particularly suitable for Chinese students. High school graduates do not need to take preparatory courses, and can go straight to the undergraduate, more than 300 courses to choose from, studying for a three-year general degree or a four-year honors degree. Four weeks of free pre-course intensive English for all international students. International students applying for undergraduate engineering courses can also apply for university scholarships, with tuition and accommodation fees for the first year for successful applicants starting at just £8,000. Students who do not have a language score can first take language training in the school's language training, and students who complete the course can directly enter the degree program without taking the IELTS/TOEFL test.