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In the process of applying for Minsheng Bank ious credit card

2018-03-19 09:36:37

In the purchase of products, basically will open a white paper. After the opening of the white paper, you can apply for a white paper card in cooperation with the bank, which is actually a joint credit card. With the white card, it will be very convenient to shop online and offline.




Identification card


This article is based on experience


Second, open the app, click on the top [white bar], there will be a [small white card] below, click in, you will see a variety of cards, if you don't like can ignore. Continue to drop down to the bottom of the menu, you will see a "View all small white cards" entry, click in. Find the little white card you need.


3. Click [Handle now]. You need to fill in some [identity information], [address information], [] and so on step by step. Then it will be approved within 2 days, generally apply in the morning, and pass the audit in the afternoon. Then the bank side to review the information, generally about 2 days, and then will send you a card, the last step to the local bank [open a card].


Four, the small white card with some preferential information, be sure to read carefully. Minsheng's small white card is pretty, the design is creative, and one corner is transparent. The key is no annual fee.

Matters needing attention

The information must be true and reliable, or it will not pass well.


Be sure to sign the card in person.