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India Travel Guide

2018-03-19 14:24:00

India, the country of India, is located in South Asia and is the largest country in the South Asian subcontinent. Ancient India is one of the four ancient civilizations, now India is one of the BRICS countries, but also the world's second largest population, tourism is developed, there are many famous attractions: Taj Mahal, Red Fort and so on.


Visa, ticket, currency


1. Paper visa: go to Indian Embassy in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Indian Embassy is divided into different provinces: Indian Embassy is divided into: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Indian Embassy is divided into:,,. Indian Embassy: 、、、、、、. Documents required for application: passport, provincial certificate, photo (5cm*5cm white background two color photos), personal data form, employment certificate, ticket order. 2. E-visa: You can personally apply for the Indian visa website, or you can find a travel agency. However, the e-visa can only be entered at 9 designated international airports: Bengaluru, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Trivananthapuram. Information required for processing: photo (5cm*5cm white background two color photos), scan ID card and passport first page, etc. (different options, required information is different).


About the ticket. Of course, it is a good deal to book in advance, at that time about 2 months in advance, round-trip ticket to Kolkata less than 2000 yuan, quite a bargain. Before you go to play, pay attention to the tickets in advance, and you can hand in the discount.


About the currency. The local currency in India is rupee, you can go to the bank to change some rupees with you, if it is not convenient, you can go to the bank to change into dollars, and then change to the local rupee. The yuan can also be exchanged, but in relatively few places. Note: It is not cost-effective to exchange rupees at the airport. It is recommended to change less rupees and go to other exchange places.


About accommodation. For accommodation, you can use Tripadvisor, agoda and other websites to book online, online booking may cause some unnecessary trouble.


About food. As a foodie, there is no place without food, everyone's taste is not the same. Food recommendations: Biryani Poyani, Palak Paneer with Spinach, Tandoo-r Chicken, Butter Chicken, Tali Thali, Roti Roti etc. Recommended drinks: Lassis, Chai, MasalaChai.


About required items. 1. Mosquito repellent/cream. 2. Medicine: diarrhea medicine, cold medicine, gunpowder. 3. Universal plug converter. 4. Toiletries (alcohol is not necessary). 5. Paper towels. 6. Sunscreen, moisturizing mask. (Hot weather)

Matters needing attention

Don't go out online and try to dress conservatively.