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Indoor waterproof repair how to do

2018-03-19 16:00:44

Waterproofing is a hidden project, so what are the places in the room that we need to pay attention to and have not noticed, or how to solve it when it seeped.


Brushes, gloves, sandpaper, scraper


Polyphenyldienoic acid paint


The bathroom is the place where the most water is used in life. When it leaks, there are two solutions. One is to knock off the tile to make it waterproof again. The second is to solve the brick without knocking, like Ye's family waterproof, Hongxin and Qingcheng waterproof their "water easy to prevent" brick without knocking technology for this is still good.


Balcony because many people like to put washing machines and flowers in that place, it will inevitably come into contact with water for a long time is also easy to cause water seepage. Therefore, we need to take waterproof measures in advance, and ask professional waterproof personnel to repair the leak if there is water seepage.


Hydropower transformation, we often dig in the underground and wall of the water channel, if the water is not a problem, it is OK, once the water is a problem and not waterproof, it will seriously affect the wall or the ground, causing mildew, falling off and other phenomena