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IPad Beginner's Guide -iBooks

2018-04-08 04:48:59

You can download the iBook reader for free from the iTunes app. The iBook is not only a great e-book reader, but also a great assistant to help you shop for books on the go.


You can download the iBook program for free from the App Store, and iBook is not only a wonderful e-book reader, it is also a good assistant for you to shop for books at any time. Tap into the iBook program, and your virtual bookshelf will be displayed automatically. In the upper right corner of the app, you can find the books button. When you click, the bookshelf will automatically move away and show you the contents of the iBookstore. Here you can browse books by title, author or genre. When you find a book you like, click on it to see detailed information about its purpose and reader reviews. When you download a book, it will immediately appear on your shelf, and you can immediately start reading the books you just downloaded. You can also use the books you downloaded on your iPhone and iPod, so that you can carry your favorite books with you.


The iBook store offers you up to tens of thousands of books, and the number is growing day by day. The iBook application uses the EPUB format (the world's most popular open ebook format). Its integrated structure makes it easy for authors to create books you like. You can also use your MAC to search for free EPUB books and use iTunes to sync to the iPad's iBook app.


The iBook program now also reads PDF files. You can add a PDF file to your iBook in two ways: receive an email on your iPad, then open the attachment with your iBook, and the PDF will automatically be added to your iBook's shelf. Alternatively, you can add the PDF file to your iTunes library and sync it to your ipad. In the iBook notebook, you can view iBook books and PDF documents by pressing a button. PDF files automatically open in full screen, allowing you to read PDF format the same way you would read an ebook. You can also flip through the pages, bookmark or enlarge the text.


Reading documents on the iPad feels just as good as reading paper. You can hold the iPad in a book position; You can read by flipping pages on the ipad; Everything you do on the ipad is done with your hands - just as you would with a paper book. Its high-resolution LED-backlit screen makes every page look perfect, and you can adjust its brightness Settings for easy reading in dim environments. By tapping the center of a page, the iBook hides all the program controls for a better reading experience. You can also tap the left or right side of the screen to move back and forth, or drag the page slowly from right to left to turn the page. Pick a chapter in the table of contents and you can jump immediately through the entire book.


You can use portrait mode to see a single page at a glance, and if you're not used to that, you can also read documents in landscape mode, and you can change the font size, or the font type. A long finger tap on a word or word can also enable Wikipedia or the built-in dictionary to find information about it, or search the web for information about it. iBOOK can also be used with VoiceOver.


You can always find the place you want to read, and on the iBook you can jump to any chapter of the book at any time through the table of contents function. When you read something particularly interesting or informative, you can use the bookmark feature to highlight the text and add it to the memo. When you're halfway through a book and want to take a break, the iBook automatically saves the last chapter you read.