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Is hip liposuction safe? Precautions after hip liposuction

2018-01-14 00:00:00

Buttocks are one of the parts of the human body prone to fat accumulation, too much fat deposition, damaging the body beauty. Is hip liposuction safe? Joe expert introduction: buttock liposuction is the buttock liposuction, to achieve the effect of beautiful buttocks. Most of these liposuction procedures are performed by swelling liposuction to remove excess fat from the buttocks. Hip liposuction surgery less uneven appearance, because of the accumulation of fat in the buttocks, and the requirements of liposuction surgery is uniform, pay attention to the curve and excess of the hip, the hip groove is clear, and let the hip peak highlight. After surgery, it is still necessary to use a corset or elastic bandage to help shape the body. Hip liposuction is to make incisions in the wrinkles of the buttocks and thighs, and then evenly and symmetrically suck fat, for the parts adjacent to the thighs and waist, pay special attention to handling the transition surface, to avoid leaving steps on the body. After recovery, the marks of the surgical incision will disappear into the folds of the skin and will not be visible. Its focus is to reduce the hip circumference, the slack part of the modification to lift, reduce the width of the hip circumference, adjust the height of the hip back, reduce the fat of the upper hip, so that the curve from the waist to the hip is smooth and smooth, reduce the fat of the thigh base, so that the thigh appears beautiful and slender. The recovery period after hip liposuction surgery is 2-3 days, there will be swelling, blood stasis and soreness in the early stage of hip liposuction bariatric surgery, which is normal, because a little small blood will be destroyed when suction, bruising will slowly disappear. After the operation, bandage should be used for 1-2 days, and then pressure clothing should be used, which is to stop bleeding and pain relief, so do not release the bandage without the doctor's permission to avoid complications such as hematoma and incision infection. Small scale liposuction generally does not affect work, large scale liposuction needs to rest for two to three days, generally about two weeks after the resumption of daily activities. Notes after hip liposuction :1, in the hip liposuction surgery must be carried out before the physical examination, through the examination to determine their heart, liver, lung, kidney and other internal organs are not disease. 2, in the three days before the operation to take a bath, as little as possible to eat some food containing slag. 3, through the operation to lift the buttocks of female friends had better to stay in bed for 5 days, 14 days after the operation to eat more vegetables, to prevent constipation, use antibiotics, to prevent infection. 4, generally two weeks to remove stitches, one month after the operation is prohibited to do intense exercise, 4 months after the operation with elastic bandage compression fixed. 5, before the stitches are removed, the affected part must avoid contact with water. The correct liposuction surgery is not much harm to the body, and the accident is mainly caused by the doctor's error during the operation, as well as improper post-operative care, experts warn that preparation and care work make buttock liposuction surgery safer.