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Is home central air conditioning difficult to repair?

2018-01-14 09:36:00

Home central air conditioning as an independent complex air conditioning system, many users worry that the installation of central air conditioning after maintenance will be very troublesome, home central air conditioning maintenance convenient?


Is home central air conditioning easy to repair? Is home central air conditioning easy to repair? The maintenance difficulty and cost of different central air conditioning systems are different, and the fluorine system central air conditioning is relatively simple to maintain, and it is an ideal system for installing central air conditioning in families. Below we list common central air conditioning maintenance common sense.


1, often check the central air conditioner electrical plug and socket contact is good, if found in the operation of the power cord or plug hair hot, this may be because the electrical wiring is too thin or plug, socket contact is poor, should take appropriate measures according to the situation.


2, if the multi-line system and fan system should often observe the air conditioner refrigerant route interface part of the refrigerant leakage, so as to avoid a long time caused by the lack of refrigerant, and affect the air conditioner refrigeration (heat) effect, and even cause compressor damage.


3. Clean regularly. The cleaning of the central air conditioner should be carried out by professionals. The user can clean the wall controller by himself, wipe with a clean rag, pay attention not to use a wet rag to wipe, otherwise it is easy to penetrate the water droplets, causing electrical short circuit.


4, the need for long-term shutdown, should be a comprehensive cleaning of the central air conditioning system. After the central air conditioner is cleaned, only open the fan of the air conditioner, run for about a few hours, dry the inside of the air conditioner, and then use the dust jacket to cover the air conditioner. Central air conditioning is best to be fully cleaned once a year, of course, users can depend on their actual use, if the indoor dust is more, you can increase the number of cleaning, to ensure the health of indoor air. Usually, the user should also pay attention to daily wiping the air conditioner inner panel to prevent the accumulation of dust on the left and right sides of the air conditioner and the top position.