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Is it necessary to install car sound insulation cotton? What else can sound insulation do

2018-04-11 22:24:01

It is necessary to install car sound insulation cotton. Other functions of car sound insulation cotton: engine sound insulation cotton, it can effectively block the engine, reduce idle noise, but also the hood heat insulation, protect the paint, the vehicle noise reduction comfort or have a certain role. The noise in the car is mainly composed of the noise of mechanical components such as the engine, the friction sound of tires and the ground, the collision and friction sound caused by the car breaking through the air, and the internal noise generated by the vibration of components such as the cockpit interior panel. The size of the engine engine sound increases with the increase of the engine speed, the sound of the engine in addition to the control of the driver, the car noise engineering can be further improved, the owner can deal with the internal and external of the engine firewall by professional personnel, can effectively reduce the engine noise. This sound insulation construction may cause changes and impacts on the original equipment of the car body, and it is generally not recommended to carry out sound insulation construction operations on this part. For the noise of the engine, it is best to paste a kind of advanced sound absorbing foam acoustic material under the hood, which can absorb and consume a lot of engine noise, and inhibit the vibration of the hood, block the heat from the engine, and protect the car paint from high temperature damage. Reference source: People's Net - When buying a car, these places are reduced, you really have to be careful to buy People's net - Improve the silence of the car three cuts staring method vibration reduction noise reduction seal are effective