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Is it really that hard to arrange a meeting?

2018-01-09 01:36:00

Is it really hard for a business to set up a meeting? Many companies are very busy in the meeting, and the meeting is often not up to the expected effect, time-consuming and laborious, many times not because of necessity, the company can save the links are saved, buy a meeting need to do what to prepare? 1. The type, number, time and venue of the meeting will change according to the type, number and time of the meeting. The common types of meetings are mainly enterprise exchange meetings, investment conferences, conferences, product launches, annual meetings and so on. Different meetings choose different venues. Corporate communication meetings are generally chosen in wine, and product launches are generally chosen outdoors. The number of people is also an important indicator of venue selection, said that 1000 people of the meeting venue and 800 people of the venue choice are very far away, generally only 4-star wine can accommodate 1000 people of the meeting. Time is also an important factor, when choosing a venue, be sure to ask about the schedule of the venue, otherwise it will conflict with other people's meetings. 2. Budget meetings are usually divided into for-profit and non-profit sessions. For-profit conference usually refers to the holding of the conference, the organizer collects certain tickets and other fees for the participants, such as: many large-scale speeches. A non-profit meeting is a meeting that does not directly profit from the meeting. Such as: enterprise conference, conference, investment conference and so on. For non-profit meetings, the meeting planner will break down the project budget based on the overall budget of the meeting organizer, determine the content of the meeting project, and then decide on a venue that matches the budget. The planner of a for-profit conference should consider the acceptable cost budget of potential attendees and select the appropriate venue accordingly. 3, the geographical location of the conference venue Generally speaking, large conferences will choose to be held in the metropolis, mainly in order to facilitate the arrangement of accommodation. Accommodation arrangements in big cities are more selective. Training sessions are usually held in suburban areas, where dedicated service personnel and facilities are usually provided, and the environment is quiet and conducive to divergent thinking. Corporate dealer annual meeting or other nature of the annual meeting, the meeting venue will generally be selected according to the taste of members of some scenic spots; Some major awards and commendation meetings will be held in high-profile venues (such as the Great Hall of the People) to show their extraordinary significance. 4, the size of the conference venue, environment, layout The size, environment and layout of the conference venue is also an important indicator for us to choose the venue. The selection of the venue will select the appropriate size of the venue according to the corresponding number of people, and the environment and layout as a supplement to the selection of the venue, although it is not necessary. However, the choice of a stylish layout and a beautiful environment of the venue to bring participants more comfortable mood. 5, the venue support services and equipment whether the venue has the corresponding supporting services and equipment support is also an indispensable factor in the venue selection, compared with the previous several factors, the venue support equipment factor is an optional factor, but for some special meetings, it is also a mandatory factor. 6, can discuss your own food, drink Considering the budget of the whole meeting, you can consider bringing these things, such as: mineral water, paper, and other meeting essentials. Of course, these are determined after consultation with the wine. 7. Settlement method and service Generally, wine is a part of the deposit, and the rest is paid after the meeting. According to the payment method and wine to conclude the corresponding contract to ensure that the interests of both parties are not damaged. After reading such a long article, do you think it is easy to arrange a meeting? In fact, the preparation work is more troublesome, but the final meeting effect trend is beyond your expectation, want to buy a high-quality meeting? Then advance preparation must be your key!