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Is the harm of aluminum pot dispelled

2018-04-13 14:24:38

The danger of aluminum pot dispels rumors. Aluminum pot has the advantages of fast heat conduction and light material, but if the aluminum pot is used improperly, it is easy to release aluminum ions, and excessive aluminum will accumulate in the central nervous system and bones of the human body, affecting the absorption of calcium by the human body. Studies have found that if you use an aluminum pot to cook acidic ingredients, it is easy to release aluminum ions, so avoid using an aluminum pot to cook acidic food, tomatoes, vinegar and Chinese medicine, etc., when cooking water and vegetables in an aluminum pot, the seasoning should be carried out after the dish. In addition, aluminum is metabolized by the kidney after entering the human body, so people with poor kidney function should avoid using aluminum POTS. 1, do not use aluminum products with acidic or alkaline food, such as juice, wine, soy sauce, vinegar and so on. 2, avoid stirring eggs in aluminum products. When the egg white will turn gray after touching aluminum, it is best to choose porcelain products for mixing eggs. 3, do not use aluminum products for long-term storage of flour, starch in flour will produce organic acid after fermentation, have a corrosive effect on aluminum, too long storage will produce carbonated gas with water in the air, aluminum surface protective film alumina will be destroyed under the erosion of organic acid, water and carbonated gas and rust. 4, avoid using aluminum pot long-term put food. Aluminum corrosion resistance is poor, alkali, acid, salt can chemically react with aluminum, if people eat the long-term storage of food in the aluminum pot, it will cause harm to people's health.