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Jakarta attractions Guide

2018-03-20 04:48:00

Jakarta, also known as Coconut City, is the largest city and capital of Indonesia, located on the west coast of Java Island, the first city in Southeast Asia, and the world famous. Here is a list of places to visit in Jakarta.

Scenic spot guide

Istiqlal Mosque Istiqlal Mosque is the largest mosque in Indonesia, located on the northeast side of Jakarta's Independence Square, built in 1979. The mosque covers an area of 93.5 hectares and has a building area of 93,400 square meters. The roof has a large semicircular roof painted white, which stands out. Indonesia's major Islamic events and ceremonies are held here, and Indonesian presidents and dignitaries often worship here.


Independence Square Located in the central district of Jakarta, also known as Merdeka Square (meaning independence), has the status and scale of Tiananmen Square. The streets around are wide and neat, dotted with flowers and trees, and full of green. To the north of the square is the presidential palace, and to the northeast there is the largest mosque in Indonesia, Istiqlal. West Street has the Ministry of Defense compound and the Central Museum; To the east is the train station. In the southeast corner of the square, there is a magnificent sculpture of a group of horse-drawn carts based on the storyline of the epic poem "Maka Bharata". There is a musical fountain in the park on the west side of the monument.


Indonesia Miniature Park Indonesia Miniature Park is located about 26 km east of downtown Jakarta and was built in 1975. There are various models of houses, lakes, parks, monuments, shopping, amphitheaters, cable cars, trains, water bicycles and other physical objects in Indonesia, which is equivalent to a miniature of Indonesia. In the center of the park is a giant model of the Indonesian archipelago, and the surrounding area is divided into 27 districts, representing the 27 provinces of Indonesia, such as Central Java, Bali and Jakarta. Each district has traditional buildings and plants unique to the area. Visitors can also visit the "islands of Indonesia" by boat. Indonesia Miniature Park has a museum, library, video, children's palace and children's paradise, and young people can regularly visit the park to learn traditional music and dance. One of the most striking buildings is the Golden Snail panoramic Cinema, which regularly shows panoramic movies such as "Beautiful Indonesia" every day.


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The Central Museum is located in the west of Independence Square, Independence Street, built in 1868, is the largest museum in Indonesia, the most rich collection. The museum is a European-style white building. There is a copper elephant on the stone mound in front of the lawn of the museum, which was given by King Rama V of Siam when he visited in 1871, so the museum is also called "Elephant Museum" or "elephant house". The museum has gold and silver jewelry room, bronze room, currency room, antiquities room, prehistoric room, wood room, folk exhibition room, East India exhibition room, etc. Among them are the skull fossil of Javanese ape man 30 years ago, the Chinese Bronze Age Ding and Li three or four thousand years ago, ancient Chinese porcelain and ancient coins, the statue of the elephant-like head on the island of Java, the unique house model in Sumatra, and the props of shadow play and puppet show.


Anzor Dream Park Anzor Dream Park is the largest amusement park in Indonesia, located in the northern end of downtown Jakarta, next to the Jakarta Bay. The park has a new design of the grand hotel, open-air cinema, aquarium, dolphin performance pool, artificial wave swimming pool, tennis court, Haibin cottage, art exhibition kiosk, comeback court, golf course, bowling alley, sports car field, racecourse, beach, night club, steam bath, casino, massage parlor, children's casino and so on. Dream Park also has a villa area, with typical Indonesian national characteristics. The art market displays Indonesian folk crafts, and artists make paintings and carvings for visitors. At dusk, local dances from Bali and Kalimantan will be performed on an open-air stage