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Japan medical examination medical five before travel

2018-04-03 17:36:23

Across the sea from China, Japan has the world's leading medical level, and more and more Chinese people choose to go to Japan for physical examination and medical treatment. But the country's healthcare system is very different from China's, with strict requirements for international patients seeking medical treatment overseas. Hopu Ark, which currently has the largest share of Japan's overseas medical market, is specially written by Japan to organize the medical instructions for Chinese patients in Japan as follows for patients and their families to travel for reference.


Recently, the media have reported that the Japanese Prime minister went to Keio University Hospital for a physical examination, Hopu Ark also received a lot of inquiries to the hospital for a physical examination, and in fact, this hospital is very strong in the treatment of colorectal cancer in Japan, but it is not the best physical examination institution. In the United States, US NEWS will publish the ranking of general hospitals and specialty hospitals in the United States every year. In Japan, there is no such public ranking list for reference, and the comprehensive ranking or specialty ranking of Japanese hospitals published by some institutions on the Internet are not representative and authoritative. The best hospitals in Japan are basically concentrated in Tokyo, such as the best specialized hospital for the treatment of cancer - Cancer Research Ariaki Hospital, the best hospital for the treatment of heart disease - Japan Shinhara Memorial Hospital, as well as Japan Medical University Hospital, Mita Hospital and so on. At present, the most authoritative and available for patients' medical reference is the Japanese "Yomiuri Shimbun" statistical table on the operation volume, reception volume and treatment situation of Japanese hospitals, which is a strong proof of the strongest strengths of each hospital. Or, like Hopu Ark, hospitals and doctors who can hire the heads of Japanese societies or research institutes in various disease fields as members of exclusive expert groups and get their personal recommendation and approval are also reliable choices.


Medical records to be submitted when going abroad for medical treatment include: 1. Summary of medical history (preferably by the attending physician, including the condition, the treatment taken, and the results achieved). 2. Radiographic reports, including: X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, bone scan, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging. 3. Surgical report. 4. Laboratory report. 5. Summary of medical history and treatment history, including chemotherapy and radiation records (preferably compiled by your physician). The more complete the above materials, the better, not necessarily everything can not be less; The most important thing is a summary of medical records written by the doctor and a recent radiology report. Hopu Ark medical consultant explained that medical record translation is the first step to go abroad for medical consultation, this is particularly important, the translated medical record must be accurate, patients and families must find professional medical translation, because many foreign language workers without medical background translation of medical records can not be used for pathological diagnosis, so that foreign doctors do not understand medical records, but also have to spend money to do examinations. The key is to delay time and cause pain to patients.


Japanese hospitals implement a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system and appointment system, the basic medical treatment in the basic clinic to solve, if there are difficult to treat the disease will be received by the basic hospital to make an appointment and a referral certificate, patients with a referral letter to the big hospital for medical treatment. Hopu Ark president Wang Gang said that Japan needs to make an appointment to see a doctor, which is very different from seeing a doctor, even if it is a physical examination, in Japanese hospitals also need to make an appointment in advance. It should be noted that at present, most Japanese hospitals have no international department and lack experience in docking with international patients, and some hospitals do not even accept appointment applications for international patients, so Chinese patients, especially severe patients, do not blindly go to Japan for treatment if they do not get the appointment agreement of the hospital. In particular, it should be emphasized that when applying for a Japanese medical visa, it is necessary to provide an appointment letter issued by a Japanese hospital and a "body guarantee certificate" issued by a body guarantee agency, which is very different from traveling directly for a tourist visa to the United States for medical treatment. Japanese hospitals implement the "post-payment" system, so the "body guarantee agency" is required to issue such a guarantee. Institutions that can get the "Overseas Medical body guarantee license" jointly issued by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are generally Japanese domestic enterprises, and the assessment requirements for the applicant institutions are very strict, including the establishment of more than two years, the number of patients to meet the standard, the number of contracted hospitals, service processes, norms, patient information protection, complaint rate, etc. Hopu Ark has its own branch and direct service team in Japan, and has been highly recognized by all walks of life in the local community with integrity, pragmatism, meticulous style and high business standards, and is therefore authorized by the Japanese official certification of "body guarantee institution qualification" - Hopu Ark is the only institution in China that has obtained this license!


The Japanese are famous for their meticulousness and rigor in the world, and in the treatment of patients, the hospital also has meticulous and rigorous requirements: the medical interpreter for international patients must have a Japanese medical qualification (license), which is to ensure that when the doctor and the patient communicate, the opinions are conveyed accurately! It is not what patients who go abroad to see a doctor imagine, as long as the Japanese is very fluent, authentic or local relatives and friends who have lived for many years can play. At present, Hopu Ark provides the whole process of medical treatment services in Japan, including the translation and arrangement of medical records in the early stage, selecting hospitals, making appointments with doctors in good foreign hospitals, visa assistance, translation of residence, travel and life after going abroad for medical treatment, and accompanying translation in hospitals, etc., and even provides 24-hour full care for patients after surgery. It is carried out by professionals with Japanese medical licenses to ensure that patients enjoy 360-degree detailed services throughout the overseas medical treatment.


Follow-up communication after the end of overseas treatment abroad is by no means over after the end of local treatment in Japanese hospitals. If you are a physical examination patient, when the potential disease is found, if there is no need to deal with it at the time or if the doctor prompts you to check regularly, the medical consultant of Hopu Ark will communicate with you regularly to communicate your health status and remind you to check regularly. Some patients with cancer, heart, brain and blood, epilepsy diseases, when discharged from the hospital, the hospital will prescribe revisit time, precautions in daily life or regular medication requirements; After the end of medical treatment in Japan, some patients may return to life during the period of medication or due to physical changes, and need to communicate with Japanese hospitals or attending doctors in time. Hopu Ark will provide such follow-up service for every guest and maintain real-time communication. It can be said that Hopu Ark will not terminate with the end of overseas medical treatment. This service will last a lifetime.

Matters needing attention

About visas: If you go to Japan for medical examination or medical treatment, you should travel with a Japanese medical visa. If you go out for medical activities with a travel visa, you will be blacklisted and denied entry within three years.


Regarding medical expenses: When applying for a Japanese medical visa, it is necessary to issue a "body guarantee certificate" from the institution holding the body guarantee qualification. The Japanese government requires the body guarantee institution to guarantee the patient's medical treatment behavior in Japan. Due to the special post-payment system of Japanese medical treatment, the body guarantee institution can require international patients to pay a deposit when applying for the body guarantee certificate or require an advance according to the medical expenses estimated by the hospital. To ensure the smooth progress of the entire medical process.