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Japan tourist visa successfully issued, far from the imagined difficulties ~~~

2018-04-07 22:24:26

BF studied in Japan, long ago said to go to Japan to play during the New Year, while taking wedding photos, has been paying attention to Japan tourist visas, looking at those annual salary of 10W, real estate car production deposit a series of hard conditions restrictions, there is the idea of giving up, always think that we young people where there are so many people with cars and houses, we are all proletariat, absolute drop ~


Under the encouragement of BF, decided to go hard, the worst result is a "black stamp" (in fact, I still hate this Dongdong), because I am not a person, although I have never done a residence permit in two years, so the delay of nearly 10 days, during the period to issue a certificate of employment and a copy of the business license to cover the official seal, At the beginning of the visa, I also asked for some savings or real estate and car property, but I did not provide it because I had no car and no room. In this case, the travel agency asked for 5W deposit, and I readily agreed, as long as I could sign out, this requirement was not excessive (and finally did not mention) ~~


Required information: Residence permit, employment certificate, copy of business license of the unit, passport, photo, household register, wine reservation form (in principle, the air ticket and wine should be handled by the travel agency, zhou said that you can book by yourself, I thought it would be handed in to the embassy, so I booked the wine in Japan), the passport only has exit records of Malaysia and Singapore in May 2011. It probably doesn't have any effect


After he had prepared the information and handed it to them, he was very nervous, after all, he did not provide any proof of assets, he said after reading the information that there was basically no problem, it should be able to sign out, although there were some doubts, it was still a moment of joy, and then it was a waiting day, which was more difficult, and he was always worried that the consulate would call ~~ He said that it would be signed out around January 13, don't worry, the result was, I really got the visa on 13th, so I can finally go to Japan and have a little reunion with honey. We are looking forward to our tiffany:loveliness: