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Jasmine Comics is blown by the wind of the silk woman

2018-03-25 19:12:34

At that time already can not remember, had less you this year. Although no makeup, but also sincere invincible. Beautiful so unfettered, free wind blowing your hair on your face. My Cinderella, where are you now? Comics, the simplest and most sincere. The black pen draws shapes on the white paper, tracing the heart's desire. For Jasmine, who likes to doodle on paper since childhood, her childhood was wasted in drawing. This cartoon character is inspired by a woman who is blown by the wind and her passion for comics is the motivation Jasmine shares. What are you waiting for? Go on a comic book journey with Jasmine!


1 black carbon pen


1 piece of white paper


The first is to draw the head, the head part of the two strokes outline, the shape of a flower petal. Observe the full petal pattern and practice as shown in the image below. Use the pen to fit, not to write too much, produce shaking skew is not good. The soft line melon seed face shape appears young and energetic, which is the perfect interpretation of the heroine. Draw the ears, eyebrows and double eyelids in turn. See the drawing for specific reference.


Different eyes interpret different personalities. The shape of the eyes is round, so that the eyes are cute and charming. This is done by drawing two circles directly below the double eyelid as the pupils. The size of the two circles is distributed as follows: the small circle is in the upper left corner of the eye, and the large circle is in the lower right corner of the eye. In addition to two circles in the eyes, the rest of the color with black carbon pen. To finish the heroine's eyes, we will add eyelashes to the double eyelid and the center of the lower eye. Then draw the nose and mouth. See the following figure for details.


Hair plays a vital role in beauty, Xiaobian this time the wind woman uses a natural fringe, such fringe design plays a role in decorating the forehead, the female hair design is BOBO head. This hairstyle embodies the hero's youthful energy. Wind woman's neck to draw slender long, brush outline in one go.


The image of a woman who is basically blown by the wind has come out, and the next step is to deal with the details. Wear a shawl over a sweater. I hope every girl will love themselves well and not be blown by the cold wind. Everyone has different views on beauty, after continuous practice, I believe you will have a lot of inspiration to create again after painting. Welcome beyond! If this article was helpful to you, please vote for Jasmine Xiaobian! Looking forward to your paintings!