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Jewelry matching skills

2018-04-04 16:00:11

Jewelry is divided into cold and warm colors: yellow as the keynote looks to give people warm, cordial, active, beating, pleasant, lively, bright colors for warm colors. Cool color: The color that looks cool, clean, static, calm, cold, neat and cold with blue as the keynote is cool color. Cool jewelry: Silver, platinum, amethyst, sapphire, aquamarine, emerald emerald, ink crystal, emerald, etc. look calm and steady, and the stones are cool stones. Warm colored jewelry: gold, red crystal, topaz, topaz gemstone, garnet gemstone, olive beryl, coral, etc. look warm, warm gemstone. Jewelry has style, everyone has style; Styles vary, wear clearly. Dramatic style: suitable for wearing with fashionable modern atmosphere, emphasizing unique, exaggerated, artistic characteristics. Gems, pearls, crystals, gold, platinum, jade, jade and so on can be selected. Natural style: Suitable for wearing exotic or natural ornaments based on decoration, amber, turquoise, shell, crystal, etc., are good choices. Classic style: suitable for wearing smooth and simple jewelry, can be K gold, pearls, gems, jade, diamonds and so on. Elegant style: Suitable for wearing soft and elegant accessories with curved shapes. It can be pearls, precious stones, jade, crystals, etc. Romantic style: suitable for wearing curved flowers, leaves or soft shape accessories, the style can be cumbersome, atmospheric, gorgeous, can be pearls, gems, gold, emeralds and so on. Front style: suitable for wearing simple style, novel, decorative sense of strong jewelry, can be gems, crystals and so on. Boyish style: suitable for wearing geometric shapes, animal shapes, with a modern style and fashion accessories. It can be diamonds, shells, jade, turquoise, etc. Girly style: Suitable for wearing small, curved and colorful jewelry, can be coral, pearls, gems, diamonds and so on. Face shape and jewelry style pear face: that is, commonly known as the equilateral triangle face, this face shape is characterized by a narrow forehead, two wide cheeks, and the overall face is wider. Therefore, when choosing earrings, the lower edge should be selected less than the upper edge of the ear, so as to balance the width of the jaw and invent the effect of soft facial lines. If wearing earrings with pendant, the length is best to prevent the pendant from ending in the lower jaw. Triangular and hexagonal earrings should be avoided. The necklace is suitable for wearing the lower edge is larger than the upper edge of the pendant. Egg face: elegant and beautiful face shape, the most ideal face shape, if your face shape is egg face, then as long as the color and style suits you, what shape you can boldly wear. Round face: The characteristics are basically equal in length and width, the face is round, suitable for drops, rectangular whiplash earrings, which can make the lines of the face soft with just, the necklace can be a V-shaped shape to elongate the face effect, showing the elegance of the gentle. Long face: It is characterized by the length of the face, the width of the forehead, cheeks, and chin. When wearing accessories, you should increase the width of the face and reduce the length of the face. So suitable for wearing round, horizontal design of jewelry. Necklaces are more suitable for a round effect necklace. Heart-shaped face: Commonly known as a melon face, this face shape is characterized by a wide forehead, pointed chin, and high cheekbones. Suitable for wearing the lower edge is larger than the upper edge of the ear accessories, such as: water drop shape, gourd shape, and the Angle is not very sharp triangle. Necklaces are also suitable for necklaces that can be worn to create a round effect. Square face: The face features the same width of forehead, cheeks and chin. Suitable for wearing straight longer than horizontal arc design, help to increase the length of the face, moderate the Angle of the face, such as: oval, arc moon, single petal shape, etc., to prevent wearing square, triangle, pentagonal earrings, necklace suitable for elongating the face of the jewelry length is best in the collarbone. Diamond face: The basic features are a sharp forehead and chin, and a wide face with two cheeks. Suitable for wearing the lower edge is larger than the upper edge shape, such as: water drop shape, chestnut shape. Diamond-shaped, heart-shaped, and inverted triangle earrings should be avoided. Necklaces are also suitable for circular shapes. Different hand types should wear different rings to match their personalities and show the best beauty of their hands. Long, beautiful hands: Suitable for wide, bulky rings, but the overall look should have a slim feeling. Not suitable for rings with too thin rings and too small main stones. Obese fingers: suitable for wearing spiral shaped rings, although it looks like a sense of volume, but can modify the hand shape, so that the hand looks slimmer. Definitely not suitable for wearing too small or too delicate ring, it will make the hand look more fat. Stubby hands: suitable for wearing the shape that emphasizes the longitudinal line, such as: V-shaped or heart-shaped styles are very suitable. It is not suitable for rings that are too wide or too large and eye-catching, which will make the hand look stubby. Workplace: The workplace pays attention to a serious and professional atmosphere, so the jewelry pays attention to the texture when wearing, the shape is simple, childish and stable is not suitable for complex and cumbersome. Earrings are preferably studs. Banquet and dinner occasions: highlighting gorgeous, female, noble is the key to this place, so suitable for wearing exaggerated shape, sexy, gorgeous sense of jewelry, the volume can be larger.