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Jewelry matching techniques - Skin color part

2018-04-05 01:36:34

Color matching is a compulsory course for practitioners in many industries. As early as 30 years ago, there was a scientific method to explain the color matching deeply in the United States. Color matching has also developed quite mature in some developed countries. Color matching is a required course for every practitioner. The color collocation not only plays a role in such an industry, in ordinary life, the correct color collocation can also make our image get high scores. Jewelry and skin color matching, choose the right jewelry, in order to set off the advantages of skin color or modify the shortcomings of skin color, then for jewelry and skin color matching what to pay attention to it, Big Ben will give you a brief introduction: Jewelry matching skills - Skin color. Each skin color people have their own appropriate jewelry, if it is not coordinated with the skin color, even beautiful jewelry is difficult to bring out the effect. Asians tend to have yellow skin, but there are some other shades. Let the skin color and jewelry to achieve color coordination is a problem that can not be ignored, among the many colors, some color collocation should be carefully chosen, such as red and green, yellow and purple. White skin color: people with this skin can match many colors of jewelry well, but it is not suitable for powder crystal, pink tourmaline, because pink does not highlight the skin, and the skin can not highlight the color of powder crystal, powder crystal is the most unsuitable color jewelry for people with white skin. Jewelry with softer and lighter tones, such as K gold and platinum series products, can better bring out beautiful skin. Color slightly bright, dark colored jewelry, such as garnet, red tourmaline, amethyst, etc., is the best choice for people with white skin. However, if the skin color is too white, it is not appropriate to wear diamond jewelry, crystal jewelry, which will make the skin color more pale. Yellow skin color: the choice of white gold jewelry, jewelry, ivory jewelry is very appropriate, they can increase the elegance of the user. If you choose green gems, light blue gems jewelry, or color ball jewelry, it is also very temperament, can set off the skin white and beautiful. But try not to choose red or yellow jewelry, because the color of the same color as the skin will make your skin look dull. Suitable for green and purple colored gems, it will make your skin look very attractive, such as peridot, amethyst and so on. Red skin: People with red skin, due to color reasons, often give people a hot and dull feeling, to alleviate this feeling, in the color of clothing and jewelry, we should choose light cool colors. The so-called cool color system refers to a series of colors such as blue, green, and purple. The choice of light green, dark green and other colors of jewelry can highlight the vitality. However, it should not be decorated with red or purple colored gems or bright blue gems, so as not to make the face purple. Garnet, amethyst, and red tourmaline will make your skin appear redder, and the beauty of the stone itself will be greatly reduced. Suitable for this kind of skin with topaz, olivine and other color jewelry, will appear more bright and dazzling. Dark skin tone: it is not suitable to wear white or pink gems, so as not to contrast strongly and make the skin appear dark against the gem. Suitable for wearing gorgeous colored jewelry, or carved jewelry with rough style; It is also suitable for wearing tea crystal, topaz and other intermediate tone gems, which can play a good role in lightening skin tone. Some jewelry similar to their skin tone is also a good choice, can set off the cold, majestic beauty. But there is also a choice is some with their own skin color is larger but very bright gems, these gems can make the dull skin appear bright, make the wearer more energetic.