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Jiushan Mountain travel guide

2018-03-28 04:48:01

Located in Xiying Town, Jiushan Mountain is a 4A level scenic area and a national forest park with lush vegetation on the mountain and famous for its numerous waterfalls, beautiful peaks and steep boardwalk.


Jiushan Waterfall scenic area is convenient, there are bus lines in the urban area, but it is strongly recommended to travel by car, mountain air, beautiful scenery, characteristic farmhouse rice, self-driving is relatively more flexible, but should pay attention to avoid major holidays to prevent traffic congestion.


Entering the Jiushan Scenic area there is a long stretch of road, the scenery is very beautiful, many curves, narrow roads, if you stop to take photos, must pay attention to the traffic, try not to stay for a long time.


Entering the scenic spot, you will first see a green lake formed by the collection of mountain springs. The banks of the lake are lined with cliffs, and the peaks in the distance are one after another. The wooden plank road is built along the mountain, deep into the bottom of the lake, and tourists cross the lake and climb.


Jiushan Mountain canyon deep, waterfall masses, is a major feature of Jiushan Mountain, mountain water is spirit, climbing, all the way mountain spring ding dong, from time to time also pooled into waterfalls, summer tour Jiushan Mountain is really enjoy, can enter the stream splashing, but also enjoy the cool breeze.


Jiushan plank road as long as 10 kilometers, sometimes through the lake, sometimes attached to the cliff, to achieve the perfect integration of the plank road scenery, Jiushan climb to the side of the mountain, can overlook the panoramic view of the mountain, I saw the entrance of the lake like a jasper embedded in the mountains.


Scenic area selling things less, it is recommended to bring some food, drink, mountaineering time to supplement physical strength. Steep mountain road, pay attention not to stay on the edge of the cliff, do not litter, protect the environment.