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Kata travel Guide

2018-03-29 12:48:31

Kata is located in Phuket, Thailand one of the islands, the sand on the island is very soft, stepping on like a foot on a pile of cotton, can not feel the foot hard sand, although small but quiet extraordinary, very suitable for family travel, the night scene is extremely beautiful, like the sea might as well go to Kata play. Now take the relatives to understand the travel strategy of Kata, see the live writing of the rush, I hope they can understand, do not understand can ask questions or I.

Kata geographical location and the surrounding environment

Kata Beach is 750 baht by taxi from Phuket Airport, which is equivalent to about 150 yuan. Thai baht can be exchanged before departure or at Phuket airport after arriving with a small amount of cash. The current exchange ratio of 1 RMB yuan is 5.0161 THB, the airport may be slightly higher, you can ask before departure, if the taxi can swipe card, you do not need to exchange too much THB to avoid too much cash loss;


You can also take the mini bus, 150 baht per person, which is 30 yuan in Chinese yuan. The price is much more expensive than the bus we take in China, which is somewhat equivalent to the nature of the tourist bus we take;


Kata Beach is open all day and does not cost an entrance fee, the scenery is beautiful, you can arrive at the beach in the evening to enjoy the soft sand and blue sea. If you arrive at the beach during the day, you may wish to put on a tent, parasol, take off your shoes to walk on the beach, and look at the distant check, it is also different! Natural beaches can also be diving, swimming, leisure, but for those who are afraid of sunbathing can pay attention to good sun protection oh;


Walking along the beach, if you are hungry, you can go to the south, you can go through a sushi, if you don't like to eat sushi, you can continue to go forward, and you can see a Starbucks coffee not far from sushi. Of course, you can't miss a cup, can you?


If you don't want to eat in Starbucks, there is a restaurant called Kalika, but it opens at 12:30 p.m., the business hours for us may be a little late, is the so-called good meal is not afraid of late, advanced restaurant wait for it! The restaurant menu is marked in Chinese and English, but I believe that even if there is no Chinese to look at the picture, you can also know a little, Sashimi sushi Thai cuisine has everything. The interior layout is very warm, not as noisy as a big meal, nor as noisy as a restaurant, children run around, women shout loudly, and there is no tobacco flavor, the pattern is very reasonable, and the murals are also beautiful;


In terms of accommodation, you can choose the pool wine near Kata Beach, because shopping is convenient! Starting from the wine, it is less than ten minutes' walk to the nearby supermarket, and you can directly go out to buy any snacks or daily necessities, which is a very busy scene.

Kata Beach tour instructions

The beach can rent parasols and MATS, of course, the price varies. Renting an umbrella alone for four hours is 100 baht, which is 25 baht or 20 yuan for one hour; The rental of umbrellas and MATS is 150 baht, that is to say, and the minibus just said is a price of 30 yuan; And if you rent MATS and umbrellas will be more expensive, 200 baht for four hours, an hour can be 50 baht! So, if you can carry your luggage, bring your own umbrella and mat! After all, you can save money when you travel and spend it on food;


In terms of wine, the pool wine conditions are general, but there are no slippers and hair dryer equipment, you must remember to bring your own slippers and hair dryer to avoid dry hair or wet clothes without anything to blow (after all, it belongs to the sea, and then hot is very humid). In addition, bring your own toiletries, wine toiletries are not ideal, cups, toothbrushes and toothpaste can be brought to travel;


Be sure to carry waterproof sunscreen, both day and night to protect the whole body, and it is best to replenish every hour, otherwise it is easy to sunburn! Of course, also in order to once the sunburn can not be treated, please bring post-sun repair. All skin care products, including facial mask and lip balm (sunscreen for lips, please use alone) and toiletries, if you can bring them, please bring the usual kit to avoid insufficient travel pack.


Some people may feel that the seaside is humid and stuffy, and may also catch a cold, but because it is in Thailand, you may wish to drink a bowl of Tom Yin Gong soup for every meal. Vegetarians can ask the waiter for a vegetable version, which is also very tasty! How can you go to Thailand and not eat authentic Thai food? Sushi and Tom Yin Gong soup Xiaobian highly recommended, in the wine restaurant can eat oh!

Matters needing attention

Tip: The umbrella is not with a stool table, but a complete large sun umbrella, if you do not carry a mat can only be rented, otherwise only sit directly on the beach!


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