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"King of Glory" how to use Luna infinite even big move

2018-06-11 12:48:00

King of Glory in Luna is a very test operation of the mage warrior, through a series of continuous operation seconds to kill the opposite brittle output hero, so that the game won, then how to play Luna the mage warrior?


The first thing to understand is that Luna's passivity is that the third ordinary attack will mark an enemy, and after the end of the mark, using the big move can refresh the big move cooldown time, and repeat this law, so as to achieve unlimited even big moves;


First, use the 1 skill "String Moon Chop" to swing at enemy heroes and deal damage;


At this point, quickly open up


Then, use 2 skills to pull to yourself, and general A twice, and then refresh a big move;


If the opponent's health remains, open two more large to complete the harvest;

Matters needing attention

Luna's joint moves are easy to make mistakes in the actual situation, which requires us to practice more. Her joint moves pay attention to stability, do not go because the actual situation is disrupted the rhythm will lead to the big move into the cd.