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Learn the basic knowledge of air conditioning maintenance.

2018-01-14 11:12:00

Do some basic knowledge of air conditioning maintenance (novice must know veteran reference)


air conditioner


1, the air conditioner preliminary inspection refrigeration system operation, the initial inspection is used to ask, touch, look, listen, check the method. These measures are simple and effective. Touch: After 20-30 minutes of normal operation of the compressor, touch the temperature of the suction, exhaust, compressor, evaporator outlet, condenser and other parts, and you can judge the refrigeration effect by feeling. a. Compressor temperature is generally 90-100℃. b. Feel the surface temperature of the evaporator. The temperature of the air conditioner evaporator everywhere should be the same, the surface is cool, generally about 15 degrees, and there is condensation water at the exposed copper elbow. c. Check the surface temperature of the condenser. After the air conditioner is turned on, the condenser will soon heat up, the faster the heat indicates that the faster the refrigeration, under normal use, the temperature of the condenser can reach about 80 degrees, and the condensing wall temperature is generally 45-55 degrees. d. Feel the surface temperature of the low pressure return air. When normal, inhale cold, exhaust hot. If the ambient temperature is low, there will be condensation on the surface of the low-pressure return gas, if the return gas does not condense, and the high-pressure exhaust gas is hot, the compressor shell is also very hot, it is likely to be insufficient refrigerant, if the compressor return gas all condensation, and the compressor shell half or all, indicating too much refrigerant. e. Check the high-pressure exhaust temperature. Hands should feel warm to the touch, and hot in summer. f. Check the surface temperature of the filter dryer. Under normal conditions, the surface of the filter dryer feels slightly higher than the ambient temperature. If there is a cold feeling or condensation, it indicates that the filter dryer is slightly blocked. g. Check the air outlet temperature. The hand should feel some cold wind, the hand stays for a long time and feels some cold.


Look: First see whether the shape of the air conditioner is intact, and whether the work of each component is normal. Secondly, to see whether the refrigeration system is broken, whether there is an oil trace at the welding, and if there is an oil trace at the welding spot, there may be leakage. Then carefully look at whether the insert of the electrical component is loose, whether the position of the connected copper is correct, and whether there is copper touching the shell.


Finally, look at whether the runout of the centrifugal blade and the axial flow blade is too large, and whether the motor and compressor have obvious vibration. To see whether the high and low pressure pressure values are normal, when the ambient temperature is 30 degrees, the low pressure is about 0.49~0.54mpa, the high pressure is about 1.17~1.37mpa, the ambient temperature is about 35 degrees, the low pressure is about 0.58~0.62mpa, the high pressure is about 1.93mpa, the ambient temperature is about 43 degrees. The low pressure is about 0.68mpa, and the high pressure is about 2.31 mpa. Look at the frost on the low-pressure capillary. In normal refrigeration, at the beginning of the operation of the compressor, the capillaries will form a thin layer of frost, and then gradually melt away, but insufficient refrigerant or road blockage will occur. END

Matters needing attention

It is worth noting that when the outdoor heat exchanger works in the winter according to the heat pump cycle, it is a low-pressure, low-temperature component, and refrigerant leakage and blockage may also occur. If there is frost on the section from the capillary outlet to the inlet of the outdoor heat exchanger and the rest of the area is dry, the capillary is half blocked. On the surface, the phenomenon of insufficient refrigerant and semi-plugging is consistent.