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Life in Japan

2018-03-30 20:48:59

There is a high quality of life and a low quality of life, and everyone's perspective is different. I won't say much here. I have lived abroad for a few years and here I will briefly say a few points, hoping to help those who want to go to Japan for pleasure or work. Let's start with the four aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation. Everyone has the heart of clothing and beauty, and naturally there are no clothes. In Japan, clothing is still in the forefront of the world, then some friends may ask why? Because Japan is home to people from all over the world and leads the world, that's one thing. Second, Japan opened up early and embraced new cultures very quickly, which is to learn from each other. In particular, the new generation has basically replaced the zephyrade with European and American winds, except for major festivals and weddings and funerals. So Japanese clothes are very expensive very fashionable very strong, want to buy clothes friends do not need to hurry I recommend several places for reference: 1 Uniqlo Japanese is ユニクロ, is the common people brand affordable price is relatively much cheaper. 2 Don Quixote is written in Japanese as ドン · キホーテ. Don Quixote is a large sundry dish with relatively cheap prices that can be bought on weekdays and is duty-free for short stays. 3 Department store Japanese is デパート, some friends see the department store may think very expensive, in fact, not. Sales in Japan are also divided into seasons. If you have enough time, you can walk more cheaply and find satisfied goods. Food is not necessarily good news for foodies. Why? Japanese eating expensive ah in friends are big bowl of meat drinking, the amount is also large, full of wine and dishes that atmosphere is a word fire. Outside, it's different. In Japan, it's too small, and it's not as busy. If you do not know the cheap place to consume the ingredients, it is more convenient to go outside. However, there are still a lot of places to eat, the following to recommend a few cheap places to fill your stomach: 1 Yoshinoya recommended not to go although cheap but not eat, although it has entered the Chinese market. Recommended すき house, this is basically the same as Yoshinoya, but the taste is really better than Yoshinoya recommended dishes Donoji jus サラダセット580 yen about the average person enough to eat. 2サイゼリヤ is a chain western restaurant, mainly Italian food and inexpensive. It's a great place to hang out with friends and go on dates and there's a lot of young people out there and the main cheap drink is the set menu which means you can drink it until you throw up. 1,500 yen is usually enough for one person. 3 Although McDonald's is junk food, there are still many people who eat it. The main thing is that it's convenient and fast, and it really doesn't taste too bad. It's a good place to be in McDonald's, but not in a foreign country. Cheap in a word is not willing to eat, outside let you eat vomit in your hand with a pocket in your mouth with the best hamburger is about 350 Japanese, cheap now should be about 120 yen. McDonald's first choice for eating a full meal. 4 Chinese restaurant is not used to eating foreign things it doesn't matter can go to Chinese food Japanese Chinese food is also a lot, Yokohama, Japan led there is a Chinese street, but the price is not very low ah, all Chinese food to eat a meal are about 1000-3000 yen, unless you eat a dish. I simply recommend this, because you can eat anything in Japan. Mainly depends on the price, appeal these are relatively cheap and affordable. I will write here and please wait for the next post.