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Light cat broadband account and registration, logical ID and password acquisition,

2018-02-23 11:12:00

Now China's optical fiber network is becoming popular, I believe that you will encounter these problems in the process of popularization, today I will tell you about the light cat registration, logical ID and password acquisition, broadband account registration process.


Optical cat


Logical ID


Light cat broadband account registration logic ID and password to obtain I believe you will also encounter such a problem, when using wireless, no matter what page opened on the page as shown in the figure,


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Call customer service to note: choose broadband barrier warranty. Detailed and customer service description: my broadband cable can be on, wireless will appear a gateway registration, to enter the logical ID as shown below, customer service will give you a fault report.


Connect the wireless, open the web page appears as shown in the figure, enter the logical ID, the logical ID is different for each account, this call to find maintenance personnel, (say more good words, give you) About a few minutes, register olt success, ITMS business success, here can already use wireless Internet access.