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List of new conditions and materials for naturalization of Singapore immigrants

2018-03-16 04:48:14

For immigration applicants, after the success of investment immigration, the most troublesome thing is "immigration supervision". For a long time, the immigration supervision system has been troubling most immigration applicants, which also makes applicants have to consider their own reasons when choosing immigration countries, and whether they can successfully pass the immigration supervision inspection is placed in a very important position. Compared with the United States, Canada and other countries, Singapore has no immigration supervision, after the success of immigration, the residency requirements are very relaxed, there is no need to live in the past to complete the specified number of years, after becoming a permanent resident of Singapore, if you meet any of the following conditions to apply for naturalization (have a public), but the applicant to join the Singapore nationality must give up Chinese nationality. It is also an important reason why many Chinese investors choose high investment immigration in Singapore. Singapore immigration experts introduce the naturalization conditions of Singapore immigrants: A, after obtaining permanent resident status, within two years of cumulative residence for at least one year, you can apply for citizenship (note that you must have tax records in Singapore and no violations of the law); B, after obtaining permanent resident status, you can also apply for naturalization if you have lived for two years within five years (note that you must have a tax record in Singapore and no illegal activities). The naturalization process usually takes three to six months. The following materials are required when applying for citizenship in Singapore: 11 recent color photos (passport photo size) 2 Fill in the citizenship application form 3 ID card and birth certificate 4 Marriage certificate - if you have 5 passports (currently, expired and cancelled) 6Re-EntryPermit7 Various academic certificates 8 Employment certificate of the workplace (including salary, position, job title, etc.) Date of employment) - If there are 9 income tax documents - if there are 10 CPF payment documents for the past 1 year - if there are 11 National service exemption notices - If there are 12 children's birth certificates, passports - if there are 13 children's identity cards /EntryPermit- if there are 14 foreign citizenship certificates and foreign identity cards - if there are yes