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Listen to concerts while you're stuck in traffic - Mercedes E upgrades the original Berlin Radio

2018-03-28 04:48:24

Driving a modified car through the traffic, always get the highest return rate, it is not only a transport tool, or your language, representing your personality, taste, attitude!


Mercedes E-liter Berlin sound


Juche Hui professional construction team


4 alto 4 treble 2 bass 3 surround 1 power amplifier that is, two bass on the bottom of the foot, a surround in the back left and right one surround center control left and right sides of each treble, a front door each alto, a rear door each treble a power amplifier in the trunk


Front mezzo with Berlin sound cover plate, high-end atmosphere, sound flowing out, round and full. The front door of the original car had only two mezzo speakers, replacing the two mezzo speakers of the Upper Berlin Voice and installing a 3D rotating treble.


The back door in the treble side by side, a big and a small complement each other, the sound is clear and transparent, high mountain water, delicate flowing. The rear door of the original car also has only two alto speakers, replacing the two alto speakers of the upper Berlin Voice and the tweeter specially installed for the tweeter horn by professional opening equipment.


The central control controls many functions and equipment in the car, such as air conditioning and other equipment need central control operation, so the central control disassembly we are very careful and careful to integrate the central control line out, the speaker and audio line can be adhesive with tape, and pay attention to the broken line can not be damaged


The rear surround alto is mounted on a diaphragm sponge behind the rear seats to create surround sound with the other speakers. The rear surround sound is left and right, the cover plate is closely fitted to the rear partition, and the sound is melodious and immersive.


The subwoofer of the original car is installed at the foot position of the main passenger


The heart of Mercedes-Benz Berlin Sound - the power amplifier is installed in the rear trunk of the original car, and the wiring harness from the power amplifier is connected to each horn according to the original car line.


Intelligent combination of analog and digital amplification technology to ensure the perfect balance of sound effects and sound restoration effect. The treble is clear, the bass is thick, and the sound experience is soft and full of texture


At this point, the complete set of Mercedes-Benz Berlin Sound has been installed, bringing you unprecedented music appreciation.

Matters needing attention

Juche Hui professional construction team