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Little Kingdom Overview -

2018-02-24 22:24:00

Small Kingdom introduction summary: A lot of click on the head of the white dialog box role, occasionally burst gems! Two: Do not complete the task released by the princess too quickly! You can delay until later, some players react to the small kingdom task system is more intelligent, just like the students' university test machine test, the difficulty increases layer by layer ah! Three: The official bonus floor is really all by luck. Of course, the Little Kingdom has been exposed to a number of bugs, see the details below. Four: The method of supplementing items with small dragons: When the exclamation mark appears on its head, click! In addition, it is better to use it when he goes to the floor with a long time for stocking. Take, for example, the Rumpelstiltskin layer, the winter layer or the Deep bridge layer. It should be noted that, unlike wizards, dragons need to have personnel to be able to replenish items on their own. Five players asked whether there is a specific difference in the color of the dragon, some players may have ignored this point, in fact, there is a specific performance in the waiting time. Blue 5 hours: Green 5 hours; Purple for 8 hours, occasionally prompts rare, increases maximum capacity by 50%; Red 6 hours; White for 4 hours, indicating rare. Six industrial differentiation. Red is kingdom, purple is manufacturing, blue is service, green is catering, yellow is entertainment. The seven or five secret floors are: the Double Rainbow Room, the Ledger Room, the Smuggler's Lair, the Goose's Golden Egg, Rumpelstiltskin's spinning wheel. What does Mission Eight's secret floor do? In addition to the gold bonus of 100%, they will also be your own free floor, and the price is higher than the special floor! Nine fairies do not go to the Fairy Valley, then you can solve by buying full elves. The trick to building ten floors: Don't build a floor according to the level of demand indicated by the system. Except you can't choose the 1st floor housing 2nd floor catering. 3,4,5 floors suggest building service types, 6 floors build special in that fairy. Eleven fairies are good at service, generally serving more than 10+ (the number represents the reduction of the cost of each product you need to produce) Twelve fairies satisfactory work is service. Layers 3, 4, and 5 are service layers (as mentioned above), and it is easy to find satisfactory work for fairies. A satisfactory job can earn a precious 3 gems, gems are too scarce in the small kingdom! Therefore, 7-13 floors can be built service floors. So that every fairy can find a satisfactory job. Of course, occasionally fairies will be satisfied to serve the quest layer. Thirteen The fairy layer must be built before the fairy will knock at the door. Fairies can live in ordinary houses and Fairy Cove, but ordinary people cannot live in Fairy Cove (those sent by the guards can live in Fairy Cove). Employing skills. When the house is full, it is necessary to drive people out, and it is best to keep a single room with 4 people. So we can get back to work and get the gem. As for T who, that's the key. Type A: Non-service Satisficers: Because you are primarily a service worker, this type of person is not suitable for the work you assign and will not be rewarded. Class B, to kick the job satisfaction! Because they can't give you gems anymore. Note to be more than A class after T, because in addition to gems, but also need gold reclamation. Fifteen Guards, Dwarves, wizards, skills to enhance the use of elves skills. These four types of people will give a hint when they come, and they will be direct. But don't rush your partner to the elevator. Especially wizards. Wizards come to speed to switch to high-priced floors of products, Rumpelstiltskin's spinning wheel (products with high unit prices and large quantities), or service classes to bridge the abyss. See if there is a lot of product missing, choose the one with the most missing, and then move people from other floors to this floor (be sure to meet three, the higher the corresponding attribute is the better), then let the wizard come to this floor, and then send the others back to their original place. The reason for this is that A. wizards, unlike dragons, need people to make products. Dragons don't need people to make products. That's why I need someone here. B. Human role. In fact, people are only used to produce products. After the production is finished, you can be transferred to other places at will, and sales do not need people, so you can transfer people from other places back and forth. Dwarves use the same wizard, to dwarves if there is a floor under construction, you can directly send to reduce the time by three hours; If nothing is under construction, try to build first before letting him on the elevator.