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Liuxi River "water green way" play guide

2018-04-01 03:12:49

New highlights of outing, Liuxi River "water Greenway" boat day tour, tour - the first water greenway, bike-rural greenway bike, explore - millennium ancient village, product - kilometer mountain farm dishes, to create a new concept of health, low-carbon tourism! Features: Tour - the only water green road Liuxi river ride - low carbon bicycle green road to watch the autumn scenery of the mountains - one of the products of the thousand years of ancient village Xitou village Liuxi head - the characteristics of the farmer's vegetables grown on the mountain of kilometers, the most comfortable is to sit in a bright red ancient boat, swim "small Li River" - Liuxi River. If you feel more passive, you can ride your bike along the Liuxi River and enjoy the rural mountain scenery of the low-carbon greenway. Stop by a kiss farm and enjoy the pleasure of eating as you go! Then go deep into the source of Liuxi River to explore the thousand years of ancient village Xitou village on the mountain of kilometers can taste the characteristics of their own farming dishes on the mountain! Cool streams, picturesque mountain scenery, low carbon pure oxygen travel, let you come to a complete physical and mental recharge.


The first water greenway Liuxi River Water greenway a river with green water on both sides. Liuxi River Water Greenway Cruise - the first water greenway. The unique landscape on both sides, evergreen, picturesque! In this green channel, guests take a bright red ancient boat and glide on the turquoise river like oil painting. Breathe oxygen with negative ions, enjoy the pure natural scenery oxygen bar. Liuxi River low-carbon bicycle green road free Ping Chi breaks the tradition, Ping Chi along the Liuxi River to enjoy the entire Lingnan scenic characteristics of the short version. On the low-carbon cycle path, you can chat with friends while enjoying the rustic countryside and the beautiful autumn mountains. Tired can stop in the station, the station you can take a bath, drink a cup of sweet black tea. Then, in the face of this natural oil painting, instantly share the journey with friends and relatives online.


Explore the thousand year old village of the mountain Liuxi River source - Xitou Village. An ancient village built on a kilometer-high mountain with a history of thousands of years. The ancient village, which retains a large number of historical buildings, is definitely a good place for photographers to take photos. A small stream outside the village leads you to the source of the stream. Many visitors take off their shoes and step onto this cool, clear, natural foot massage stone path that has been shaped over the years by streams of water in different sizes.


Have you tasted the farm food grown on a kilometer-high mountain and the poultry and vegetables grown on a kilometer-high mountain? On a high mountain unpolluted by any kind of pollution, the local people cultivate large vegetable fields. Foster poultry in the most primitive way. And then we cook these raw, pollution-free ingredients in a special alpine way. Let you taste the most distinctive and original flavor of farm food!


Schedule: 8:00 at the designated place 9:30 arrive at the destination - Square pier tour the first water greenway - Liuxi River water greenway cruise, visit the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Liuxi River, feel the characteristics of the scenery along the river. Find 2011 beauty in flower city shooting location. Arrive at the dock at 10:00 and pick up the Greenway bike (60 minutes), guests can enjoy the feeling of "cycling to travel", ride on the rural greenway and breathe the air of the natural oxygen bar, and have a 100% ecological forest bath. After the rural farmland, guests can also pick and buy the freshest pollution-free vegetables, very rare! 11:00 Return to the square pier to return the bike, take the cruise boat at the pier to the square pier, assemble and issue. 12:00 km high mountain -- Xitou Ancient Village Tour the most beautiful village -- Xitou Ancient Village, seek flow Xitou; Test the simple rural style, explore the source of the stream river, to do a tunnel carefree rural donkey! Xitou Ancient Village, located in the tourism demonstration village of Liangkou Town, is one of the main sources of the Liuxi River, the village has the beautiful mountains of Lingnan, there are clear rivers, there are various orchard farms, rich in Sanhua plum, green plum, sand sugar orange and other fruits, there are flat fields, old buildings and simple villagers quietly and peacefully coexist with the public. 12:30 Lunch Xitou Village throughout each family of the farm restaurant, taste the real authentic farm food, the most characteristic is that the raw materials are raised and grown by the villagers. Xitou food recommendations: firewood rice, salted egg stuffed tofu, dried bamboo shoots, bamboo rice, mountain pit grass carp; Ah di tofu flower, green plum wine. Gather at 16:00 and return to the warm home!